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It was an ordinary day, like no other.

(pronounced; V eye oh let)

Was studying, the only thing different this time though, was that she was studying for her finals, that would take place in 2 weeks.

You may be wondering, why is she studying so early?

And here's why.

Violet has always found it hard to concentrate, especially at home, but now that she has social anxiety, it's just easier to stay indoors and stay away from others, atleast that's what she thought.

Violet hasn't left her apartment in almost a month, she gets her food delivered

(Obviously groceries, not just takeout)

She even gets the neighbours to take her kitten for little strolls around the block

One thing that keeps her stable is reading.

She has an absolute adoration for reading, especially romance, and or horror novel series'

Let's make a list, shall we?

               Likes                                              Dislikes
      •Chinese Food                                  •Avocado
      • Writing                                             •Cherries
      • Netflix                                              •Children
      •Gaming                                             • Barbies

There's much more, but I'm not bothered to list them all.


Hello!  Author here! I am writing to let you know that this chapter was fun to write!,  it's technically not an actual chapter, but still. Fun to write. Moving on, I would like to say that I will most likely not have an uploading schedule or whatever you would like to call it, but I will be uploading at different intervals! It's quite hard for me to keep up with everything, so I will be taking this story at my own pace! Now that we have got everything I felt needed to be covered, covered, Let's get into the boundaries.

My Rules!

There will be absolutey no sexualising done in my comments, or anywhere for that matter.
•There will be no judgement on people's opinions.
•Bullying/Harassment will not be tolerated.

They're The Basics, if I update them I'll let you know!

Remember to take care of yourself!

Here's some things you should try doing
(if comfortable)

•Drink something!

•Eat something, even the tiniest things count!

•Try to keep your hygiene up as best possible!

•If your unable to do any of these things, do not feel pressure within doing so, you do not have to do any of these things, these are friendly reminders, just incase you ever forget.


Wordsearch!!                             Words! 
|   H C O W                                   •Hello    •But
|   E S E E                                      • Cow
|   L E G S                                      • See
|   L E F T                                      • Legs
|   O B U T                                     • Left

Answer these questions if you'd like!

•What's your favourite colour?

•Do you have any pets, if so, what did you name them?

• What's your favourite Movie?

•Do you like tea? (Like the drink, not drama)

•Would you prefer chocolate, or Chips/Crisps?

•Ice-cream or Cake?

I'm done!, Hopefully you had fun doing those little games! I sure did! I'll post on my message wall when I post a new chapter!!

Bye, Take care of yourselves!


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