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Scorpio sat on the chair legs crossed under the table, she stared straight forward. She had the empty bottle with blue liquid in her hands and when the door opened her fists clenched.

She however wasn't scared, she was angry.

The wolf sat down and Scorpio wanted to smile at the prospect of his death, hopefully.

He smiled and rubbed his paw against her leg, he picked up a cookie and Scorpio smiled slightly.

The wolf chewed the cookie slowly and when he started to choke Scorpio smiled and grabbed the knife out of his pocket stabbing the wolf in the leg.

The wolf screamed out in pain and Scorpio took her chance to grab the keys and she quickly unlocked the door, she then locked the wolf inside and ran down the halls.

Where she was going she didn't know but she silently thanked Gia who had given her the poison.


Pisces and the other three made it to the edge of the forest and they hid behind a huge tree which blocked them from the view of the guards.

" Ok so what's the plan?" I asked.

" We have to sneak back inside," said Melanie who looked like she was already devising a plan.

" Is it sad that our leader is a thirteen year old? Asked Jason.

Melanie glared at him and kicked him in the leg, he clutched his foot but before he could scream Libra put her hand on his mouth.

" I'm fourteen," she said tying back her chocolate brown hair.

" Also she isn't the leader she just sort of makes the plans," said Pisces hoping he wouldn't get kicked either.

" So who wants to distract?" Asked Melanie.

No one said anything so Melanie had them do Rock Paper Scissors shoot.

" Dang it!" exclaimed Pisces realizing he had lost.

" Go do something," said Melanie but before Pisces could protest she pushed him from behind the tree and all the guards stared at him.

" Uh hi," said Pisces and he began to run past the guards and past the forest to a path.

The guards followed him and Pisces saw out of the corner of his eyes the other three running inside the castle and he cursed noticing that he couldn't turn around now.

" Damn it!" Shouted Pisces who kept running, it was a good thing that he was fast however, he ran past the side of the castle and jumped over the small little fence leading to another path which Pisces started to go to.

He ran straight to a huge lake, the water was purple and blue with what looked like stars, it was beautiful but Pisces didn't get to admire it much since he jumped right into it going straight to the bottom and realizing that he could still breath perfectly fine underwater.

He stayed at the bottom until the footsteps were gone, but before he could go back up someone appeared in front of him. His mother.

He hadn't seen her since their trip to the realms and he gave her a hug.

" Mom, what are you-

" I've come to tell you a few things," she said with worry in her eyes.

" Uh ok."

" First of all our family," she said not sure whether she wanted to continue or not.

" What about our family?"

" Your sister, you have a sister, Taurus," she said and Pisces stared at her in disbelief.

" No way," was all Pisces could think of.

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