And You Are?

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His P.O.V.

*this morning*

I can't believe that Max talked us onto going back to school. She picked out my outfit, since i can't see, and from what i could tell it was a cotton shirt (with no slits foir my wings), jeans, and our usual combat boots.

After I made beakfast and got dressed, I sat on our couch waiting for Fang and Max to be ready. After ten minutes I heard argueing and voices getting louder. There was an abrupt silence, so i knew that they saw me.

"Hey Ig," Max said. "Ready to go?"


We were running down the halls (Max got us lost). One of my fingers was through one of Fangs' belt loops, so I wouldn't get lost. Max apprently found the class, because i heard a door open and no more pounding footsteps. I heard Max whisper " 'm sorry we're late." then someone say, "It's him." in a hushed tone when me and Fang walked in.

"That's okay." I heard someone else say in a silky, steel voice. " You must be Maxine. I'm Mrs. Buamgarter." Ah, so that's the teacher. " And you are?"

"Nick." Fang said. Then it was my turn. "Jeff." We've used those names since our first trip to a school. She then told us to take a seat where it was empty. So, since I'm blind< i followed F ang until he sat. Then, after makeing sure that no one was in the seat behind I sat. And we started class.

Hey guys thanks soooo much for reading this. It means a lot. Well I love all of you and I'll start working on the next chapter.

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