¥ Sams Day Part 2

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When we got to the room we were making out and then he threw me onto the bed and started to slide my dress off he broke the kiss just to get my dress off he then took his shirt off and then we started to make out again he started rubbing my back and then when he got to my bra he unhooked it then slid it off of me not breaking the kiss then I unbuttoned his pants and he broke the kiss to take them off then we we left in just our under wear he started messaging my boob and I started to moan a bit he then started to pull my underwear down then I broke the kiss then he took off his boxers then ran to the drawer and slid on a condom then we started to kiss then he started rubbing my clit I then turned us over and started to grind on him making his erection to grow then he flipped us back over then asked are you ready I said yes but be gentle h positioned himself then slid in it hurt at first then it turned to pleasure I then yelled go so he started to thrust and he began to go faster and faster until we both came we fell onto the bed next to me and through his condom in the garbage and we both fell asleep.

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