£ Sams Day Part 1

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Sam speaks up and says today is my day... are you a virgin I respond yes he says oh well then you get to pick who you want your first to be with I say umm I pick you. He just grins lol he says OK be ready by 6 I'm taking you to dinner first I say OK byeee

*skip to about a hour before the date*

Im sitting in my room when I hear my phone go off it says Sam huh he must have taken my phone I look at it it says

S: hey where do u want to go to eat baby

T: uh la pizza??

S: sure I love pizza

T: me to lol k

S: k see you in a hour

So I got up and went and took a shower then got out brushed my teeth then went and got some clothes I wore a blue dress it is short in the front and long in the back and I put on some blue flip flops and then straighten my hair. I walked down stairs and Sam said dammmmn you look beautiful. I said thank you handsome. He grabbed my hand and we walked out the door to the car

*Skip the drive*

When we got there we both ordered Arizona green tea. And one slice each of pepperoni.

*Skip the dinner*

When we got home we were making out he then pucked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs to my room

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