£ You Sold Me!!

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*Trinitys pov*

Beep beep beep. I wake up to that annoying sound it's telling me I have to get ready for work. So I get up I go to the bathroom I go pee then I go check my phone then I here my dad yell "Get down here you bitch!!". "Coming" I yell back. I walk into the living room and see a really hot guy then I realize who he is it's Sam Pottorf. "Pack your things I sold you" said my dad. What!?!?!.... you sold me how could you i hate you!!"I said back I marched up the stairs got my suit cases out I throw all my clothes in one with my shoes. Then I go in my bathroom I grab my truth brush my hair accessories and my lady things. Then I grab my phone, charger and head phones and walk back down stairs I walk right past my dad I don't say one word to him I walk right out the door then I stop for a second I break into tears the Sam comes out and.....

Cliffhanger dont hate me

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