6 months later

So me and big head ass Chris been going at it for six months now, so for our six month anniversary he decided to take me to a carnival close by where we live and I also wanted two other people to come too so I called up Lea to see if her and August would come and oh yea they together, got together a week after us. But anyways I got up took, took a shower, and put on my clothes and waited for Chris slow ass to come get me I've been waiting for at least half and hour and his light skin ass still ain't here shit in a just call his phone.


Chris:Aye baby wassup

Yn:Nigga the fuck is taking you so long been sitting in this bitch half and hour and yo slow ass still ain't here yet

Chris: Chill ma I'm right round the corner I'll be there in two minutes, aight twisted panties

Yn:aight baby dick ass


Yn:Alrighty then bye see you when you get here

*hangs up*
*two minutes later*
*car horn*

Yn walks outside to a pissed Chris then gets in the car and kisses him not giving a damn bout how he feels right now she just wants to go and have a good time with her boyfriend and friends. Lea & August were bored so they called me up and asked what I was doing tonight I told hen about Chris & I's plans so I said yea and Chris did too, so it's like a double date except that we're going separate ways but anyways we stop and get August and Lea they get in and we drove to the carnival and it was packed so we got the fast pass and skip line pass * forgot what they're called* and skipped every one and had and got on five rides already now we're eating I had a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, lil bit of mayo,ketchup & mustard and pickles with fries and a sprite, Chris had chili cheese with bacon and a coke, Lea had a chicken sandwich with ketchup, mustard, and lettuce with a side of chips and a orange Fanta while August had a hotdog with everything on it besides onions with fries and a Grape Fanta. After we got done we had split up in pairs me and Chris and Lea and August.

Chris POV:
Me, YN, Lea, and August split into pairs so it's me and bae and August and Lea. Me and YN went to the line with the Ferris wheel we had to wait even though we had the skip passes we were there for a few minutes until I turn and see some basic ass hoe giving me flirting faces so I point to YN and do the "crazy" gesture and she said she didn't care so I just left it alone. Finally, they let us on, we rode, when we got off we stop to the bathroom for YN, so we go and I'm outside waiting and what do you know the hoe comes and talks to me.

Girl: hey sexy want to come to my place tonight for some role play

Chris:I believe you haven't noticed that I have a girlfriend and she's crazy as hell she will cut your fucking throat so I suggest you leave before she gets out that bathroom and literally cut your throat.

Girl:whatever but if you ever want some real good ass pussy give me a call sexy *writes number then gives to him then walks off and wink*

*yn comes out the bathroom*

YN:ready baby

Chris:yea come on

They both go on more rides until they meet with a pissed off Lea and no August they asked what happen and can't believe what they hear.
Next chapter is Lea's and August's POV. SORRY I haven't been updating lately but I will try to get the next chapter done next. Thanks, much love, Kayla

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