Chapter 6-XiuChen

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Author's Pov

The next day,all of them will meet their parents.But,someone's really wont meet his parents.That person is Xiumin.

Chen's Pov

"Hey,I think we don't need to meet my parents" Xiumin said."Why?" His face...It's pale."I...I just think we dont need to meet my parents."Hey,I'll take you to another place,okay?" Then,I give him a warm smile."Okay,but where?" "Secret"

After 30 minutes,we arrived at the 'secret' place.I look at him and his reaction make my heart beat so fast."I love it" he look at me."I'm glad you love it" I replied.We sit on the bench.After a few minutes,he ask me something."Why you take me here?Why wont you..Nevermind" then he sigh."You know that you can always tell me your problem right?" "Yes" he replied."Now,tell me why" I ask him.He look at me with teary eyes."Look,if you wont tell me it's okay.You want to know one secret?" "What is it?" he look at me.God,he's so cute."I already know about it.Maybe you think I'm a stalker,but I just want to know about you.When I know about it,I hope I can help you but that not the right time.So I need to control myself.It's killing me when you cut your hand" I just close my eyes.I can't look at him right now.Maybe he mad.

Suddenly,he take both of my hands and said "Well,I'm not mad.I'm just shocked.Even my friends doesn't know about it.I'm glad that you already know about me.It's hard to tell you by myself.I hope you can accept me"he look into my eyes.Those eyes,it's so beautiful."I already accept you.I hope you can accept me too.Hey,emm...Can you be my boyfriend?" Okay,I hope he say yes!Please! "Okay" "Omg,thanks!I love you!" then I hug him.He so squishy."I love you too".

Xiumin's Pov

"Can I see your cut?" he ask me.I show it to him and he gasp."I can fix it" he said."How?" he serious? "There's one way.But maybe you wont do it.It kinda emm...gross" "Just do it.Tell me how *aegyo*" then he close his eyes.Is he blushing?Aigo,so cute >_< "I...just need to lick your hands.It's work because you're my mate" lick...hmm,it's not that gross.I put my hands on his lap."Do it" I smile.He smile back then take both of my hands to his mouth and start to lick it.It's tickle me a little.When he finish it,I look at my hands and I'm shock!My cuts...It's gone! "It's gone.Wow,thank you,Jongdae" "Your welcome,Minseok".We spent two hours at there.I really happy today.

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