17. Plans for the Future

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A/N: Not revised, but I will be editing this story soon in the future hopefully:) Thought of this chapter when I had my own predicament! Four hour drives from a relative's place back home and the mistake of two downed bottles of water. Enjoy at the expense of my pain!


"Please, please, please!"

The same mouthed whine in a matter of half an hour, resident water nymph and overall sweetheart that was Lizzie was squirming in the back seat.

I'd learnt something. Pain made you scarier than normal and Lizzie? She was the most horrifying thing besides Abe and his silent treatment. I sat in the back with her, since he'd called shotgun, and was pressing myself against the window, trying to merge with it in order to avoid her growls and glares. She'd stop, pause, think with pursed lips than go all over again with the cycle of agony, muttering 'pain in the mind' on repeat then silent and all over again.

"Gods Damn it!" She screamed as we went over a particularly large bump and dip in the tarmac. The SUV that belonged to our precinct (borrowed, Lizzie amended with a wink at the time of my reasonable concerns being voiced) was our chariot and Abe and I had been roped into going along with her and the annoyingly stupid Trickster twins. The Weasleys Abe called them affectionately, were singing old and terribly out of tune travel songs. From the Spice girls to the 'wheels on the bus'. Well, had. Lizzie terrified even them and, contrary to what they did to anyone else busting to go to the loo, they didn't make sounds of running water or say "fountain, waterfall."

It was actually a smart move for once in their short lives.

Abe turned in his seat and sent me a wide smirk when he saw my fearful stare, pouting at my pleading stare. I climbed over, a difficult fit, but was in the back and having Abe in my lap as I left the twins to face the wrath that was the busting Lizzie. "I refuse to go on the side of the road!" She snapped at Kyo, who was frantic and anxious and just plain miserable at seeing his girlfriend in pain.

His eyes spied out a rest stop and he was screeching in to park, up and opening her door as he practically carried her to the women's rest room. He left her just outside the door and she hobbled inside, leaving us all in a daze. "She... The dragon has been vanquished!" The twins cheered, grinning.

"She's on her period, guys," Abe warned, and the twins shut up immediately.

"The dragon lives," They muttered, pouting.

Kyo was wringing his hands as he paced before a body shot out of the doors and Lizzie was hugging him, apologising from the sounds of it as he smiled and shook his head, kissing her forehead and holding her close. "Aw!" Abe cooed.

His happiness didn't last long because Lizzie was throwing open the passenger door and pouting.

"Damn it! I called shot gun!" Abe whined, but got out anyways. No way even he was going against a woman on her period. No one would go against Lizzie even when she wasn't! She threw us an innocent smile while Kyo was too busy smiling tenderly at her from the drivers' seat. "Fine! I'm going to take my man and we'll be busy making out in the back!"

She shrugged while the twins let us in the very back, but Abe didn't do as he threatened. Instead, he grabbed one of my hands from his waist and played with my fingers, threading his own through them every now and then as the car started up again. The tunes picked up, Lizzie joining in this time with angelic smiles and all while I just yawned and slumped, Abe pecking my lips before he let me snooze. Sometimes I forgot how adorably sweet he was when he wasn't being annoyingly endearing in his loud, obnoxious ways.

I woke up to his body curled up in against my chest, curls tickling my chin.

This was what my wolf had always needed, and I couldn't be more... content. I was alive because of this pixie-vampyre, and living. Not barely moving through the dredge that was life surrounded by idiots.

"Careful, your inner puppy is showing," The twins taunted in unison and I barred my teeth at them, looking back down to my mate.

My mouth thinned, before I turned away from them and nuzzled Abe's neck. I may trust those two with my life, but I wasn't truly comfortable with many people. They were random, anomalies and not predictable. They were dangerous, but friendly dangers.

My eyes caught on the body of a man walking down the street. I would never have looked twice had not he had a violent, white scar drawing down the left corner of his lip and tore half of his nose away.

"Pendragon," I whispered, claws blossoming from my fingers and making Abe whine, burrowing his head against my neck further.

I was sure this was going to be another whole lot of trouble, and I'd just found my other half. Drama hated me. At least, I thought with past wounds tearing afresh, I had Abe by my side for the rest of my life.

His purple irises were on me, his mouth open a fraction and frown making his gorgeous features look downcast. "What's wrong?" He whispered. His fingers tracing my cheekbones, tracing my lips. I leaned into his loving touch and sighed.

"I saw the man that killed my first pack."

"Oh," He said. "Well, holiday first, killing the d*ck next. I will show you torture methods I picked up from Father. He has a whole Grimoire on the stuff and there's a few shelves on the methods the ancient civilizations used. It's interesting and I've always wanted to try them."

I grinned at his excited tone, leaning down to kiss him on the forehead. "I've got to admit, I'm impressed."

"I'm an impressive kind of person," He shrugged.

"Yes, you are," I admitted. "Now shut up. I'm calling the Captain for a lead to be placed on that asshole."

"Say hi for me," He sang.

Holiday first, torture and death next.

Just another day in the life of Septimus and Abergroft.

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