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sorry if almost all my joe's are short  and weirdxD
i try

Joe put out his hand as you felt the awkward comfort settle upon you - the atmosphere of the steerage was new yet exciting. You looked at his hand confused, causing him to laugh.

He gestured his hand, "Take hold." He instructed. And you did as you were told, being pulled close to him. You squeaked, laughing as the two of you began to dance to an Irish jig. You both circled, skipped and turned. The whole room was joining in with joy as you began to laugh loudly. You felt roudy, you felt new, you felt alive.

Taking a breath, feeling a sudden high, you grabbed at the nearest beer on a table - not even caring if you were yours or not - and chugged it.

Joe rose a brow, laughing loud and nodding, "Ain't first classy, now, huh?" he joked, pulling you close. In the midst of it all, he took the advantage of the moment yanked you into a kiss. It was rough and quick, sloppy and messy, all that was right for the mood. You pulled away, smiling wrly, "Let's dance."

You yanked Joe back to the dance floor, roudy as ever.

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