You marveled at the interior design of the first class dinning hall. Was this what rich people were used to? The pure care people took to add perfection to just the dinning room had you at awe. And to think you thought steerage was decent.

You were surprised you even got yourself here. You guessed you were lucky too meet someone to such status. But not just anyone, he was someone interesting and you may want a future with. Even if he hadn't the large status, you'd be okay with him. But you guessed the status was a extra given.

The people you sat with were faces unknown to you. Some looked gentle, though a handful looked like they'd have nothing to do with you - like sit in the very place near you. You felt awkward, felt out of place. And technically, you were out of place.

You glanced towards Murr, who sat to your left. To your right was an old man you were introduced to as an uncle to Murr. He was a sweet man and you were glad he was the one to sit near you. In front of you, however were the people you thought didn't want anything to do with you.

Food was served and you enjoyed the meal. Lamb and puddings, soups and boiled veggies. Something steerage never had seen the likes off.

After meals were over, it was conversation time, but was kept at the tables. Half listening to a conversation from a woman in front of you, you felt a hand on your lap. You glanced to Murr who smiled faintly at you. You saw a hint of a smirk in his face and you simply placed your hand on his. He took hold of your hand, holding it softly.

This is all you wanted right now.

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