"Ticket." Sal muttered, growing tired of the repetitive tone in his voice. As an officer of a grand ship, work was surprisingly starting out rather boring.

"Ticket." How long had he been doing this? It felt like days, though he reminded himself he was only doing it for a little over two hours. Though that's a pretty long time. He seemed to occasionally yawn and now realized his legs were growing tired. Maybe he needed to pull up a chair?


"Oh, jesus-" You tripped from the crack from the steps to the door to the ship, falling into the arms of an officer. "I'm sorry-" You muttered, looking up at the man. Sal caught you quickly, chuckling, "Woah, dear. You alright."

You felt a tinge of heat prick your cheeks, nodding, "Yeah, clumsy me," You pulled yourself up, not wanting to hold up the line, "So excited and forgot to watch my- step." You paused, finding a sudden strike of butterlies in your gut. The officer was quite attractive.

"Keep it moving!" You heard an annoyed woman behind you yelled a crying baby in her arms.

"Oh! Sorry." You pulled up your baggage, continuing your way. Though you had to look back at the officer, smiling to yourself.


"Lower the life boats!" An officer yelled, gesturing his hand to lower the boat. Sal stood near him feeling his heart sink. There you sat in the lifeboat as it was lowered keeping eye contact with Sal. You had a flash of when you first saw Sal, that clumsy fall.

And you remember meeting him again, yet another clumsy encounter. You'd see each other almost every day coincidentally, but you didn't believe in coincidences. You suddenly found yourself falling for the officer.

This all was tugging terribly on your heart.

Sal, though, had reminded you this was his job and he had to go down with pried, and you respected that.

And that was the last time you ever saw the officer that tugged at your heart strings.

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