Chapter 4

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Viktor Valentino De Luca stared down at the lush gardens. He was cocooned in his lavish estate in Italy; Perfectly secure from the relentless storm that approached.

Today had been the day. Today, twelve years ago, his daughter had been kidnapped.

It had been twelve years.

Twelve fucking years.

Twelve years not knowing how their precious baby girl was doing... or if she was even alive.

No, Viktor scolded himself, no thinking like that. He couldn't think like that. He wouldn't survive if he did.

His wife, Felicity Sara De Luca, had never been the same. The whole family had never been the same. Who would be after all they had been through?

Felicity, Viktor, had never seen her so livid at her sister when she found out that none other than her sister kidnapped her darling baby.

And now his sons. Five incredible boys and while they shared the same blood, they had completely different personalities. They all tolerated the news differently.

Alessandro, the eldest sibling, was singularly focused on both his family and the mafia. He had adopted a steely demeanor and shied away from emotional entanglements with anyone outside of his immediate family. Despite his rare displays of affection, he was known to be a workhorse, devoting his spare time to searching for his missing sister. With his mastery of martial arts and combat skills, Alessandro was a major contributor to the Italian Mafia's rise in power, understanding that a cold and merciless demeanor would strike fear into his enemies.

Matteo, the second-born, shared his mother's persistent efforts to keep the family united. He possessed a lethal streak akin to Alessandro's, but was also known for his calming presence, skills that he honed as he pursued his dream of becoming a doctor. At only twenty years old, he had already skipped ahead several years in his pursuit of a bachelor's degree in medicine.

As Viktor gazed upon the family photograph on his desk, he couldn't help but sigh as he took a sip of his scotch.

The twins, Xander and Xavier, were often mistaken for one another, but their personalities couldn't be more distinct. Despite expectations of them seeking solace in each other, Xander had distanced himself from his twin, leading to a close bond between Xavier and Angelo.

Xavier was a hacker prodigy, having hacked into confidential government documents with ease at the age of fifteen. He dedicated much of his time to scouring police records for any leads to his sister's abduction. Although he spent a considerable amount of time behind his computer screen, it would be unwise to underestimate his abilities as an assassin.

Xander, on the other hand, was a mystery to Viktor. He had begun participating in arguments and fights with his family, causing concern. While the family's physician, Dr. Desmond Reese, suggested giving Xander space to grieve for his sister Vanessa, Viktor couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to his youngest twin's behavior.

Finally, Viktor's gaze settled on Angelo, the youngest of the siblings.

Angelo was known for his calm demeanor, seriousness, and football prowess. He had been voted captain in his sophomore year, showcasing his natural talent on the football field. Despite the family's efforts to shield him from the dangers of working in the mafia, Angelo was adamant to assist in the search for his missing sister.

All his children were offered the option to work in the Mafia, but only Angelo declined, choosing instead to pursue his aspiration of becoming a professional football player. His family was proud of his dream and supported him every step of the way.

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