Chapter 1 - In which he loves her from afar

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He sits here everyday as perusal, watching over his angel. Nine o'clock and she is out of the house and making her way over to her car.

As he sits in his car, across the road from hers, he mumbles, "Good morning my love." he smiles, it was usual for him to wait until she gets in and drives off before he followed

Same as any other day since the first day four years ago, his job has been to keep an eye out for her. Well a job he assigned to himself. It was easy consisting of only Waking up, getting dressed, waiting, following, watching and finally returning home.

As he makes his way behind her car, he notices she's playing her favorite playlist again. he can tell by the way she's wriggling in her chair. That's her way of trying to dance. It makes him chuckle looking at her. She just doesn't give a damn.

Her life's pretty simple: work, eat, sleep and the occasional Friday night at her best friends house. As she drives into her parking spot, he follows and parks a few cars away from hers.

She works at a law firm, as you guessed she is a lawyer. ironic how she's so gentle an pure minded. Yet she works as a hominids lawyer. With all these crazed phyco killers.


As she emerges from the elevator he gets a stir of excitement. he loves seeing her, her beauty radiates to everyone around her. No doubt the most beautiful woman he have ever witnessed. And that's saying a lot considering he's been alive for centuries.

It's Tuesday, that means she'll be making her way to the supermarket. his favorite day of the week. This where he gets to be close to her and see her face as she makes decisions. "Oh man, that lip bite that she does when's she's pondering whether to pick chicken or beef, it's does ungodly things to me." he thought.

"Stop, Emrys, get your head out of the gutter! Your meant to keeping an eye on her, now is not the time." His subconscious yells at him.

As he watches her make her way towards her car he can't help but smile. "How can God make a woman this beautiful and pure of heart and be paired with this cruel hearted corrupted man?" he pondered sadly.

With her rich dark brown hair, fair olive skin and green almond eyes, that reminded him so much of Cleopatra's. His butterfly was simply the epiphany of beauty.

As she enters the car, he was certainly looking forward to a whole hour of her decision making.


The night was his favorite part of the day. This is where he watches her cook. From his advantage point in the tree he could see her dancing again. He chuckled to himself. Oh how he wished he could dance with her, even make dinner with her. He could wish all he wanted but that still didn't change the fact that he promised himself he would never bring himself into her life. It was just to risky.

As dinner comes to an end he turns his back to the house to give her privacy as she gets ready for bed. Once he knows the lights are off he makes his way down the tree. He usually sits next to her bed watching the rise and fall of her sleeping body. It was a time where he could caress her cheeks and hold her hand. It was the only time he could have physical contact with her.

Sometimes if he was daring enough he would lay in bed with her until the dawn of a new day, and in those daring hours sometimes she would curl up next to him and rest her head on his chest. He was glad she was a heavy sleeper, because these were the hours he cherished the most.

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