Car Crash, Funeral ♥

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Kate’s POV

2 days later

I made my way down the stairs dressed in this……………………….

Today was the day I was going to finally meet Harry’s mom Anne for the first time in person. I went over and picked up Darcy and Victoria while Harry had Jacob in his arm. We walked over to the car.

Harry went over to the passenger side back of the car and buckled Jacob in. I put Darcy and Victoria into the baby seats on the divers side and middle seat.

We then closed the door and then walked around to our car sides and hopped in where we got buckled up. I turned to Harry.

“This is going to be the best trip ever” I said and meant it. Harry leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before we took off………………..


after about 10 minutes of driving, we were on a highway heading to Cheshire.

Suddenly I watched as everything went into slow motion.

A huge semi came off its side of the road and drove onto our road. It drove in our direction. Harry swerved but to much.

The car went off the edge of the highway and did many flips before hitting a telephone line, knocking me unconscious.


Kat’s POV

I made my way up the stairs of the house while raking my fingers through my blondish colored hair. I pulled my hair back and pulled a hair tie off of my wrist and pulled my hair into a sleekish ponytail.

I heard my phone start ringing in my room. I groaned and ran to my room where I quickly picked up the call.

“Hello?” I asked

“Is this Kat?” asked the voice. It was not anyone I knew.

“Yes, why?” I asked suspiciously

“It’s Simon Cowell. I just heard that Harry, Kate, and there kids were in a car crash. Can you clear this news up?” he asked.

“Um, I have not heard about a car crash, but I will let you know if it is real or not when I find out. Is that okay?” I asked

“That is perfectly fine” he said “Bye Kat”

“Bye Simon” I said and hung up.


Kate’s POV

I fluttered my eyes open and bright light filled them. I closed them and opened them a few times until my eyes were adjusted. I then opened them all the way to see I was in a hospital bed. My left arm was in a cast my my right ankle was in a brace.

I was confused of why I was hurt until I remembered the car crash. I quickly sat up. Was Harry, Victoria, Jacob, and Darcy okay? I had to know!

“NURSE! DOCTOR! ANYONE!” I yelled. Suddenly a nurse came running into my room.

“Are you okay?” she asked worried.

“Yea but I need to know how the rest of my family is doing” I said. The nurse’s face turned from worried to sad along with a nervous look.

“You want to know about your family in the crash?” she asked sadly.

“Yes” I said certainly.

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