CWarning: I don't even know where to begin. It's just really really smutty..

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My ovaries have exploded....


"Oh, almost forgot" Louis paused leaning over digging through his bag pulling out a dime-bag full of something. "I got these from my cousin's best friend for our slumber par-"

"Stop calling it a slumber party," Zayn growled, "that word makes me want to wrestle a grizzly bear or something." Louis rolled his eyes and flipped his fringe from his eyes "anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted" he glared at Zayn and stuck his tongue out. "I got this candy and-"

"Ooh candy, give it here!" Niall reached forward grabbing the bag from him and opened it spilling some into his palm admiring the crystal like rocks. "Woah, are these like those rare pop rocks from the states?" He brought his hand to his mouth downing them into his mouth waiting something something to happen. After a few minutes he frowned, wiping the corners of his mouth, "think you got jipped mate. They are not great."

"Enough talking, pass 'em along Ni." Harry muttered while leaning forward taking the bag from his hands peeking inside. "Since Niall just ate half of the damn bag we need to split this evenly." He tipped the bag slightly sprinkling a few rocks into his palm. He stuck his tongue out letting the crystal-looking substance attach to his tongue before closing his mouth letting the bitter taste pass. "Yeah Ni was right, if this is candy.. It blows."

Zayn took the bag next, doing the same method as Harry letting them dissolve in his mouth and passed the bag to Liam who inevitably took the smallest amount closing his eyes letting the bitter taste wear down.

Louis was last, he tipped his head back sprinkling the rest of the candy in his mouth swishing his tongue around. He frowned and tossed the bag off on the floor and laid back staring at the ceiling. "He said it would make you feel really really good though, I don't get it?"

"Well i'm not feeling really really good," Liam yawned the other three boys agreeing with him. Niall copied Louis and laid back staring at the ceiling as well placing his hands behind his head running his tongue across his lips trying to erase the bitter taste that hung around in his mouth. All five of them faded into silence just staring around as the candy worked its magic on them.

"Jesus fucking Christ Ni! What happened?" Harry gasped, leaning over his friend staring into his blown eyes. The black of his eyes spread out only living a thin line of his usual blue color around the edges. Niall looked up mumbling something nobody could understand before shooting up from his spot looking around at the other boys.

He wasn't sure where he'd gotten all this energy, but damn he liked it.

He felt like he could lift a car with his bare hands.

"I- I think" Liam paused, swallowing past the large lump forming in the back of his throat from fear. "Y-You bought drugs.."

All heads snapped towards Liam staring at him then to Louis, Harry shot straight up throwing his hands in the air. "YOU BOUGHT DRUGS AND WE ALL TOOK SOME WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Louis whimpered drawing his knees to his chest hugging. "I didn't know.. What is this going to do to us?" He looked over to Liam who was watching Niall pacing back and forth, "we're going to turn out like.. Him." Liam pointed at him, standing up trying to get Niall to sit down. Niall obeyed and sat down, staring at the palms of his hands then around to all of the boys.

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