Chapter 14

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Morning had arrived quickly, much to Kairi's disappointment. Untangling herself from Sora's warm embrace was hard enough, but knowing that this would be the first and last time that she'd sleep in his arms for a while was even harder. She gently prodded Namine awake, and they both snuck away to finish packing for their flight while the three guys continued to snooze on the pullout couch.

Once they were finished packing, and the hotel suite had been cleaned up to the best of their abilities, Kairi and Namine dressed in comfy clothes for the long flight back to "reality." They gathered their bags in the entryway and shared a knowing glance. It was time. Namine went to wake up Roxas while Kairi went to the otherside of the bed to Sora.

Knowing she couldn't put off their goodbyes any longer, Kairi gently prodded Sora awake. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and (very adorably, Kairi thought) stretched his arms above his head. He gave her a sleepy smile and pulled her back into the bed with a hug.

Kairi giggled softly. As much as she wanted to stay with him like this, her flight would be boarding soon. "Umm, Sora?"

"Mmm?" came his half-asleep response.

"It's almost time for me to go..."

Sora's arms tightened around her waist as he realized what she meant. The words he had been dreading to hear all weekend had woken him up. After a moment, he muttered into her hair, "I'll come with you."

"Huh?" Kairi asked in confusion, part of her wondering if he meant he'd come home with her and the other part of her knowing that her wish wasn't possible.

Sora leaned back so that he could look her in the eye. "To the airport. I'll walk you as far as they'll let me. I'm not ready to let you go yet."

Kairi ran a hand through his messy hair and gave him a nod. She wasn't ready for him to let her go either. Going to the airport together would only be prolonging the inevitable, but she'd take whatever time with Sora she could get.

Roxas and Namine had agreed that he'd join them on the ride to the airport. Riku was gently roused from his sleep, and he decided that he'd meet Roxas and Sora back at home. He gave the two girls a big hug and told them that they'd better text him when they landed. With a smile and a wave, Riku left the four of them to gather the girls' bags and call a taxi for the airport.

The ride to the airport was quiet. Kairi held on tightly to Sora's hand, trying to memorize this feeling of his hand in hers. He gave her hand a little squeeze to reassure her, but she could already feel tears starting to well in her eyes. She didn't want him to see her cry again so blinked them away, promising herself she could cry later.

Namine and Roxas seemed to be having similar feelings as Kairi and Sora. Roxas was holding Namine close while she rested her head on his shoulder. It was more mournful than romantic though. So much for 'being in the moment'... Kairi thought a little bitterly, but the bitterness wasn't aimed at Namine, moreso the situation that they were in. She couldn't even take her own advice. Now we're both going home heartbroken, but I don't regret any of it.

Kairi patted her hoodie pocket where she had stashed a small gift for Sora. It was a little something to remember her by. She hoped it would bring him some comfort while they waited for him to visit after completing his game with Riku. She had to remind herself that this would not be the last time she would be with Sora.

Too soon for her liking, the taxi pulled up to the arrival terminal of the airport. The girls reluctantly got out and took their luggage from the driver. Sora and Roxas took their bags without a word and followed them inside. Everyone had one thought on their mind: this would be their last chance to say goodbye before the oceans separated them again.

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