Chapter 20

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✷ chapter 20 ✷


Natalie has only been gone three days and I'm already missing her.

I would go over there to check on her but I don't want her thinking that I need her around all the time but it's so damn hard.

To keep my mind off of her I decided to go out to the club with Trey and Tyga.

"Nigga if you don't hurry your ass up!" Tyga snapped walking into the room without knocking.

I groaned.

"Yo ass could've knocked first." I said getting off of the couch I was previously on thinking about Natalie of course.

"Who is she?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Who is who?" I asked him knowing who he was talking about.

"Who's the girl that you're thinking about? I've never seen you like this before man." He replied back.

"Her name is Natalie." I confessed.

Tyga started laughing. "I need to meet her , she got you going all soft and shit now." He joked making me walk out of the room.

I walked downstairs to find Trey laid out on the couch knocked out.

"Trey get up!" I yelled making him open his eyes.

"About time your ass got down here. Had a nigga falling asleep and shit." He said getting off of the couch and grabbing his jacket.

After a couple of seconds Tyga came downstairs and we headed out to the club.


When we got to the club it was lit and there was fine women everywhere. They were nothing compared to Natalie.

We headed to our VIP area where there was bottle of champagne and women already waiting for us.

The guys soon got comfortable and had girls around their arms while I sat off to the side with my own bottle of champagne.

"Chris lighten up , you looking all depressed and shit." Trey retorted while sending a girl my way.

She came over and sat in my lap.

"Do you wanna have some fun?" She whispered in my ear.

She then began to kiss all on my neck.

"I can't do this." I mumbled before pulling her off of me.

There's no way in hell that I'm cheating on Natalie with her.

She was wasted so she didn't mind behind pushed.

I quickly stood up and walked out of the area and out into the crowd.

I slid my hoodie over my head so no one would notice me.

As I walked through the crowd I could've sworn I saw Natalie dancing with her sister Amanda but maybe I'm imagining stuff from the champagne.

I continued to walk around the club luckily not getting noticed at all.

I stopped walking once I bumped into someone wearing a nude leather dress.

She turned around and I seen Natalie.

"Chris?" She said with wide eyes.

"Natalie, what are you doing here?" I asked her.

"Amanda and I wanted to clear our minds a little bit so we came out here to have some fun." She explained.

I smiled happy to see her. "I came here to clear my mind too but it's not working. Do you wanna dance?" I asked her while holding out my hand.

She looked behind her to see her sister dancing with another guy.

"Sure." She said with a smile.

I grabbed onto her and we started dancing to "Trap Queen"

Thinking as she's in my arms I'm at peace.

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