I let out a growl as my 3 year old body was picked up.
"Let me go!" I shouted in my tiny voice.
"Not until you've had your shot! Now Shut up!" The mysterious man told me, slapping my back hard. I let out a small whimper as I was sat in a metal table.
"Now! Let's get things started shall we." A nurse said as she pulled out a syringe full of something. She turned towards me and grabbed my arm, pulling me closer. She put the needle into my arm, putting the mysterious thing in me. I let out a cry of pain as my teeth grew into canines. I felt my hearing increase along with my smell and Sight. I now had a small brown tail coming from my tailbone.
"Perfect! Welcome Hybrid. That is your name. Know one will ever know your real name. Have fun being tested on." I heard the lady's voice as I fell asleep.
----- TimeSkip-----
I ran into the bathroom, hiding from bullies. I took a look into the mirror on the wall after I locked the doors. My shirt and skirt have been torn, showing my tank top underneath. My tail had a cut on it which was bleeding. My face had now forming bruises on it and a black eye. My ears had been cut up and was also bleeding a bit. I sat down in a corner and cried.
"Shhh! I hear somebody! Be quiet!" I heard a voice outside of the bathroom say.
"-Knock knock- H-hello? Are you okay in there? Do you need help?" I heard a girls voice ask me. I went over to the door and slowly opened it. There was a girl with Black hair and tan skin. She had on a grey polo shirt with black pants, her glasses were Blue and black, her shoes Gray and blue.
"Oh my! What happened? Here. Let me help you clean up." The girl said as she came in. She locked the door and pulled me over to the sink. She took out some tissues and wet some of them. She placed it gently to my tail and I let out a hiss as it stung.
"Sorry. It's gonna hurt a bit, but it'll stop shortly." She said as she took out some bandages.
"My Names Dezi. What's yours?" Dezi asked me.
"Katy... everyone calls me Hybrid."
"Katy's a beautiful name! You are no hybrid. Your awesome!" She told me as she finished cleaning my tail.
"Thank you!"
-----3 years later-----
I laid down some flowers as I stood by Dezi's grave. She did in a car crash, Her brother sister and mom also died. They were all buried next to each other.
"I never got to tell you Dezi... But I loved you so much, more than a friend to be honest. You'll be in my heart forever" I whispered as a tear fell from my face.

I walked away, my tail waving one last goodbye.


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