Chapter 3:

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Maite's POV:
The next day I woke up and immediately got on my phone.
So many notifications about people on Instagram commenting on my pictures that I should go on Luis Coronels Instagram page.
I wondered why and I went to his page.
As soon as I got in his page I saw a picture of me in my quince dress and he was kneeling down kissing my hand singing Mi Nina Traveisa.
His caption was: La quinceañera tan más hermosa que e visto.
I freaked out but I liked the picture. I then commented on it.
Me: gracias Luis Coronel, el dia fue genial
With that more comments went on, people were saying omg she commented back and stuff.
I just laughed about the whole thing.
I sighed and went to take a shower.
After the shower I got dressed into some high waisted shorts and a crop top. And some vans. I then straitened my hair and clipped it to the side.
I then did my makeup to match my outfit.
After I went downstairs. I saw my mom cooking.
" hi Maite, I'm making some bacon and egg, did you like your fiesta?" She asked.
" I did I loved it thanks momma for getting Luis Coronel" I squealed.
Then my phone buzzed.
I looked at it.
My jaw dropped.
It was Luis himself.
" mom, help now, fainting" I said. She giggled and kept on cooking.
" mom Luis just texted me" I said.
" how does he know your number?" She asked with an eye brow raised up high.
I smiled.
" hehehe, Long story".
L: hola
M: hola
L: Eres Maite?
M: sip
L: haha perdon Esque pense que me diste Otro número
M: no haha
L: tan calladita Mija
M: Mija? Haha
L: no te gusta?
M: mucho haha
L: ah pues bueno, que te parese so te recogo en una hora y camos a ver una pelicula?
M: me parese genial, aqui te espero
With that we stopped talking. I gave him my address and all.
I ate some egg and bacon and brushed my teeth.
I then got on my phone and stayed there until he came.
I can't believe I'm going some where with the one and only Luis Coronel.
God I have to stop acting like such a fan girl.
After awhile the door bell rang. " I'll get it" I screamed going down the stairs.
I opened the door and there stood a we'll dressed Luis.
" hey " he said. I waved. He smiled.
" los vamos?" He said waving to my mom.
My mom looked shocked. I kinda did not tell my mom that I was going somewhere with Luis.
" Mija you did not tell me you were going on a date with a celebrity" my mom said coming over.
" well yeah bye" I said closing the door. I just wanted to get out and be alone. Well with Luis of course.
" your mom seems nice" Luis laughed.
I scoffed. " she is".
He laughed even more.
" is it okay if we walk? It's a nice day" he said.
I nodded. " I don't mind".
He smiled at me.
After that we were silent for a long while.
Like no talking!
At all!
The silence broke once Luis started humming.
I looked at him.
He was staring at the ground.
" nice" I whispered.
He looked up and smiled.
" you heard that?".
I nodded.
" from the start to the end" I replied.
He smirked.
" OH MY GOD ITS LUIS CORONEL" we heard somebody yell.
All of a sudden there was a swarm of girls and fans all around us.
" oh my god sorry Maite, this always happens" he said.
" eh what ever".
" who's this girl, this better not be your girlfriend" this girl said coming up to us.
" she's not" somebody replied to her. " she's the girl from his picture".
" you mean the quince girl?" Anther girl yelled.
I sighed. They don't like me.
" she's pretty" a girl said.
" yeah she is but I don't like her because she's with my guy" another said.
"Can we go" I said to Luis.
He nodded. We past by the screaming girls.
Of course they followed.
" damn leave us alone" I said to some girls who were pushing us.
" stop bieng an asshole" this girl with strawberry blonde hair said.
I stopped in my tracks and looked at her.
" and why don't you stop bieng a basic white ass hoe" I yelled.
She looked at me.
" you know what Luis I think this was mistake maybe we can hang out another time" I said.
" but-" he said.
I cut him off. " don't say another word".
I then ran back to my house.

I finally get asked out by a cute boy and that cute boy just happens to be Luis fucking Coronel.

And stupid fans ruin it!

HEY GUYSS, don't hate me cuz I haven't updated!!! I am very truly sorry. I just siding have ideas for this story any more, I guess this story was on hold...
And either way I know it's a short chapter and all but hey I updated!!
I'll try to update the next chapter soon!
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