Chapter 25: School lockdown

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Chapter: School lockdown...

Chapter 25:



Cole's POV:



Every student was now looking at me, Kat and Elena with questioning looks. I could tell they were all curious as to get the inside scoop, on all what's happened. But we were told not to say anything unless necessary. I hope Elena found the note I stuck in her pocket. I know she's strong she just has to believe it. Mr. Mars came up to me in the hallway,

"Hey, so I heard about the whole Thomas Betherson it true?" He asked. I wanted to roll my eyes, but that'd would be unteacher like. Instead I shook my head smiling,

"Sorry but we were told not to discuss anything." he frowned at me, but chuckled,

"Aw, c'mon! It's just me. This town is so boring! I need something like this. I won't tell anyone." Geez this guy doesn't take no. He was one of the more older teachers. I shook my head again,

"Again, sorry. I can't Now I have to get to class." I walked around him while he was grumbling to himself, and headed to my first class. I hope Elena is dealing with this okay. The plan for safety today, was to have at least one officer at the exits, and two in the security room. Thomas would be stupid to try and come here.

My first few periods were pretty much the same. Student's trying to get me to give them inside answers. It was very annoying, and by the time lunch came I was wiped. O just wanted to go home...or I guess now, Elena's home. Last night was the best I've slept in a while. I rubbed my face with my hands in frustration. People need to learn no means no...maybe I should say it in Spanish?


That wouldn't work. I groan as I lay my head down on the desk and close my eyes.

"Having a rough day too?" I snap my head up to see Elena standing there with a lunch tray. Kat was next to her, with a lunch sack. I sighed and nodded. They walked in and shut the door,

"The whole lunchroom was so annoying! Either people would come up and ask or they would whisper about the rumors! I was ready to punch someone!" Kat plopped down at a nearby desk, and opened here lunch angrily, mumbling curse words. I looked back at Elena, and she was looking worriedly at Kat...I knew that look.

"Elli...don't feel guilty for Kat." I scolded. Kat immediately stopped her mumblings as her eyes narrowed at Elena.

"Yes...don't you dare. I was blaming Thomas not you, if it weren't for him, we wouldn't be in this mess." She carried on eating her sandwich. Elena had good taste in friends. I patted the top of my desk,

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