Chapter 2

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Olivia's POV

My eyes were getting tired from looking at the computer screen for so long. I just moved to North Carolina and I've been looking for HOURS for a Saddle seat riding stables near me, and I finally found a place called Sunset Hills Saddle Seat Stables. I've looked on their website, and it sounds great! It's close to my house, lessons are affordable, and I looked at boarding prices, and they're affordable. I don't have my own Saddlebred, but I looked just in case I ever get one. It seems unlikely, but I won't give up hope.

I'm Olivia, Liv for short. I've been riding saddle seat all my life, and I'm ready for my own Saddlebred. I just moved to NC from Georgia. Ugh, I DID NOT want to move here! Life back home in Georgia was great! I had my friends and my stable. I had just qualified for state championships, and I had to pull out of it for this. That's all I needed! And here, it's taken me forever just to find a saddle seat stables near me, and I doubt I'll have many friends. I'm going to Rocky Hill Public Middle School, a change from my all girls Catholic school. At least I won't have to wear a uniform.

"Mom!" I called. "I think I found a place!" "Really?" Mom asked. "Yeah, Sunset Hill Saddle Seat Stables. It's close to here," I said. "Let me look at it for a while, and then we'll decide if we'll give them a call," Mom said. "Yes! Thank you so much Mom!" "You're welcome honey."

I ran upstairs into my room. The cheery mango colored walls were covered with horse posters, from cute little frolicking foals to majestic Gypsy Vanners. I sighed as I looked at my wall that was filled with blue ribbons, and my tack board with pictures of me and the horse I rode a lot, Skittles. Poor Skittles, he didn't deserve such a silly name. I always called him Titan. He deserved a proud, bold, strong name, not a name like Skittles. Don't get me wrong, I totally heart the name Skittles for animals, just not for this animal.

I wonder what horse I'll ride if I go to Sunset Hills. I'm so excited that I found a possibility, because I was so excited when we first moved here because we were right next to a farm called Century Farms. I had high hopes that it would be a boarding barn, preferably a saddle seat barn, but it was a rescue center. I wish it was a boarding barn. Whenever we passed it, I would try to look into it, and I sometimes saw a girl working with different horses. Maybe she would be my friend. Ugh, I doubt it. She's probably a cocky rider who thinks she's good at everything. That's how all of the riders were at my old barn. I was jerked out of my thoughts when Mom yelled, "Dinner time!"

I went down each stair carefully, and made my way to the dinner table. We were having lasagna. Yum! I put some on my plate and got a glass of water. When the rest of my family was at the table, we said a blessing and dug in. "Ooh, honey. I called Sunset Hill's riding director and your first lesson is on Saturday!" Mom said. "Really? Yay!! Thank you so so much Mom!" I said excitedly. "I know you are," Mom said. For the rest of the night, I couldn't stop thinking about my lesson on Saturday. Only 5 days away.

A/N: hi guys sorry for the slow and short chapter! I wanted to give a shout out to 2 people Rainyawesome who the character Heather is based off of and Sunny757 who Olivia is based off of. I really hope you like The Rescue Horse Camp and good stuff should be coming soon!!

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