Chapter 73

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After all the ceremony stuff is done, everyone heads to where the recepetion is being held. Niall and I stay behind for a minute and make out. Why not? We'll have plenty of time for that tonight, but it's nice whenever it happens.

When we arrive at the reception, there are so many more people there than I expected. We spend a while greeting people and thanking them for coming and stuff like that. I'm pretty relieved when it's time for the first dance. Everyone gathers around the dance floor to watch me and Niall.

The song begins and I almost start crying right then. I told Niall to surprise me with a first dance song, and he picked one of my favorite songs, which coincidentally is a song that was high on my list of first dance songs. I never let Niall see that list. Never Stop (The Wedding Version) plays softly over the speakers and I lay my head on Niall's shoulder while we slowly sway back and forth. I've been looking forward to this moment my entire life; being able to dance with the love of my life before we begin our lives together.

The rest of the reception is an absolute blast. I dance with family and friends and have a wonderful time. I expect it to be awkward when Niall has to do the thing where he takes the garter off with his teeth, but it's just funny. When I throw the bouquet, Lindsey catches it and we both freak out. It's all fun and games.

Once most everyone has left, the girls help me out of my dress and into sweats and a hoodie, both monogrammed with "Mrs. Horan." Niall and I thank everyone one last time before we head off to the airport to leave on our honeymoon. I still have no idea where we're going, so I am impatiently waiting to see what flight we're getting on.

Much to my dismay, we're taking a private jet, so no one else is there to tell me where we're going. All I can say is that I hope it's somewhere tropical and sunny. Hopefully Niall got the hints that I've been dropping for a few weeks.

Niall and I spend pretty much the whole flight to wherever making out, only taking breaks for food. I'm sure if there wasn't a pilot and flight attendant on the plane, we would be going at it, but we don't need things to be awkward for everyone.

After a few hours, the pilot comes over the speakers and tells us we're beginning our descent into Greece. I shoot up and gasp.

"You're taking me to Greece?" I screech. Niall grins and kisses me.

"You always talked about how you wanted to tour Europe, so I arranged some stuff for us. We'll be touring for three weeks. We're staying in Greece for the first few days though. I figured we could use some time on the beach," Niall explains. I can't even respond because I'm grinning so hard. Touring Europe has been a dream of mine since I was like 10. I never thought I would actually get to do it, so this is the greatest news in a while.

When we land there is a shiny red Lamborghini waiting for us. I clap my hands in delight and kiss Niall again. Niall has earned much more than kisses, but we can't really do anything until we're alone.

Niall drives us through Greece, where it's early afternoon, and it's so beautiful. We drive along the coast and through the countryside and I barely pay attention to Niall the whole drive because I'm so distracted by the scenery. I owe Niall big time.

We eventually get to this amazing beach house that's surprisingly isolated from other people, and I drag Niall to the sand before he can even say anything.

"You are the best husband anyone could have," I say, emphasizing my first time calling him my husband. He grins and grabs my hands. We spin in the sand and mess around for a few minutes before we decide we should probably go inside and get settled. Unfortunately we can't run around on the sand forever.

The next three weeks are the best weeks of my life. Niall and I get to see so many cool places all over Europe and eat lots of cool food and it's a blast. We even start keeping a list of countries we've had sex in since it's happening so often. We've got 13 countries on the list by the time we head back to LA. That's a lot more than most people.

When we get back to LA we go house shopping. Niall thought that mine and Tyler's house was too out in the open. He wants a little more privacy. I couldn't argue with that. People knew where I lived and that would just get too crazy when fans figured out that they could just walk right up to the house.

We start in Beverly Hills, of course sticking to the superstar stereotype, and I'm surprised when we quickly find a house we like. It's a little big, but I love it otherwise. Maybe it won't seem so big when there are kids in it. I don't tell Niall this, but one of the reasons I love the house is that it has a perfect room for a nursery. I'm so baby hungry it's kind of insane. But I'm willing to wait as long as Niall wants to to have kids.


Hey guys, I know it's been forever, but that's kind of because I was done with this story, but lol I guess not. Not So Normal probably won't be too much longer, but there will be a few more chapters. Also sorry this one is so short, but I just wanted to get something out there.

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