Shades From Beyond: True Commitment

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       This is the story of Sasha Winnick who is traveling to an uncertain destination trying to find something that she has never found until now because this latest journey brings Ms. Winnick to the destination that she was always meant to find in one of the most elusive corners of another dimension. Sasha is driving her car through one of the old roads where there is not a lot of traffic. She is wandering across the road to try to leave her past behind and then a few moments later there seems to be some sort of eclipse that takes all of the light away. Sasha immediately proceeds to turn on the headlights so she can see, but they do not work and so she decides to pull over by the side of the road in the best way possible. Sasha looks at her phone and as she looks to see for news about an eclipse that day there is nothing about it. She turns on the radio of the car and all that she can hear is static. She uses the light of her cell phone which has charge to look around. She locks the doors and in about ten minutes later the darkness is gone and it is daylight again.

         Sasha looks around and decides to keep driving. She tries the radio again, but it does not work. Along the way up front she sees at the right what seems to be a sort of community by the name of Rowell Estates. Just as she is going to reach the community of Rowell Estates her car stops working as it just stops even though it has plenty of gasoline left in the tank. Sasha opens up the hood of the car and everything seems fine. At that moment the image of the gypsy Vadoma Codona rushed to her thoughts and she thought of how ashamed she was of trying to take Vadoma's husband Tom Dixon away from her. Back then Sasha was young, reckless and impulsive. She liked to seduce men with her beauty as it came easy to her. She was about six feet tall with green eyes, black hair and a statuesque body that was made for sin. Unfortunately, her acts of lust led her to live a solitary life with what Vadoma did to her. A few moments later, a tow truck appeared which was driven by a man by the name of Norman Stewart. Norman stopped to see if he could help Sasha and told her that his mechanical shop was inside of Rowell Estates. Sasha agreed for Norman to help her since he looked like a decent fellow and she could tell that he genuinely was trying to help her.

       When Sasha got up in front of the tow truck riding next to Norman she could see that he was a careful driver and that the walls of Rowell Estates had some strange symbols carved into them that she could not decipher. Norman told Sasha that before he was working around Rowell Estates that he owned his own mechanical shop in Indiana which he left to his brother Stuart. Sasha saw what resembled a town that had many great looking houses and she could tell that the atmosphere of this place was very different. In this place of Rowell Estates you could tell that these people were very civilized and cared for each other and that was something that she was not used to. Norman then got to his shop and told her to be with his wife Sheila that was inside so she could be comfortable. Sheila was fixing supper and she certainly knew her way around the kitchen as she was cooking up a storm. Sasha asked if she could help and she told her that she could cut up a couple of the tomatoes that she had just gotten from the supermarket. Sasha ten saw that there was someone at the door and Sheila told him that it was the mayor of Rowell Estates who was Joseph Riser. Joseph was bringing over a couple of oranges in a plastic bag and Sheila was grateful for it. Joseph asked who was the lady in Sheila's kitchen and she told her that her car broke down outside of Rowell Estates. Joseph politely greeted Sasha and told her that the Diven Hotel which was run by Alex Diven would be glad to accommodate her. Some time later, Norman then came inside and told Sasha that several parts of her car needed to be replaced and that he could order the parts, but that it would take a couple of days for the parts to arrive at Rowell Estates.

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