"Kimberlee's POV"

???-Miss me

Kimberlee-Why the fuck are you here, Genesus

Genesus-Is that anyway to greet your cousin you haven't seen in like a year

Kimberlee-You haven't answered my question. Why the hell are you here

Genesus-because I wanted to visit a family member, is that a crime

Kimberlee-Only when you're not wanted

Genesus-It's a good thing I am wanted, right *Walks in the house*

Kimberlee-Wrong! You are so not wanted in this house. Maybe aunt Ty want your company but I damn sure dont

Genesus-Your still a little upset about what happened I see

Kimberlee-More like angry

Genesus-*Rolls eyes* You really need to let that go. I mean it happened like what, a year ago

Kimberlee-And you really need to get up outta this house before you be dragged out

Genesus-I dont really think your mama gonna like that when I call her and say you threatening me

Kimberlee-No need, I'm out

Genesus-Where you going

Kimberlee-A place you not

Genesus-You can't leave me here

Kimberlee-Watch me

Genesus-I'm a guest in your home, cuz

Kimberlee-You never were even invited. Showing up unannounced and shit, who does that

Genesus-Me! Look, we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, your choice

Kimberlee-Or we can do this my way and you go back where the hell you came from and never look back

Genesus-Look I don't wanna argue with you right know, I have jet leg

Kimberlee-And I got kick a bitch in there face leg

Genesus-Look Kim-ber-lee. I'm coming with you if you like it or not, so let's get to steppin

Kimberlee-Fine but you better stop speaking to me like I'm your female dog or something

Genesus-but I thought you were my bitch

Kimberlee-Fuck outta here

"???'s POV"

???-Mckenzie girl, did you see how fine Ray looked at the party the other day

Mckenzie-How couldn't I his abs were like poking out his shirt *Mckenzie licks her lips. I glare at her* I mean pssst I didn't notice shit. I was to busy looking at Princeton to notice, well until he went in a room with that tramp-ass Leslie.

???-I think Imma make a move on Ray

Mckenzie-but TeeTee isn't he like with that girl Scarlet

TeeTee-No they broke up at the party and even if they were I wouldn't give a damn about Scarlet or his excuse for an ex girlfriend Victoria. Fuck them both they don't mean shit to me

Mckenzie-You won't be saying that when you get your ass kicked

TeeTee-Excuse me

Mckenzie-I didn't stutter

TeeTee-Are you saying I can't beat either of them

Mckenzie-Well *shrug shoulders* Yea, I guess. I mean bitch you know you can't fight