"Kimberlee's POV"

???-Miss me

Kimberlee-Why the fuck are you here, Genesus

Genesus-Is that anyway to greet your cousin you haven't seen in like a year

Kimberlee-You haven't answered my question. Why the hell are you here

Genesus-because I wanted to visit a family member, is that a crime

Kimberlee-Only when you're not wanted

Genesus-It's a good thing I am wanted, right *Walks in the house*

Kimberlee-Wrong! You are so not wanted in this house. Maybe aunt Ty want your company but I damn sure dont

Genesus-Your still a little upset about what happened I see

Kimberlee-More like angry

Genesus-*Rolls eyes* You really need to let that go. I mean it happened like what, a year ago

Kimberlee-And you really need to get up outta this house before you be dragged out

Genesus-I dont really think your mama gonna like that when I call her and say you threatening me

Kimberlee-No need, I'm out

Genesus-Where you going

Kimberlee-A place you not

Genesus-You can't leave me here

Kimberlee-Watch me

Genesus-I'm a guest in your home, cuz

Kimberlee-You never were even invited. Showing up unannounced and shit, who does that

Genesus-Me! Look, we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, your choice

Kimberlee-Or we can do this my way and you go back where the hell you came from and never look back

Genesus-Look I don't wanna argue with you right know, I have jet leg

Kimberlee-And I got kick a bitch in there face leg

Genesus-Look Kim-ber-lee. I'm coming with you if you like it or not, so let's get to steppin

Kimberlee-Fine but you better stop speaking to me like I'm your female dog or something

Genesus-but I thought you were my bitch

Kimberlee-Fuck outta here

"???'s POV"

???-Mckenzie girl, did you see how fine Ray looked at the party the other day

Mckenzie-How couldn't I his abs were like poking out his shirt *Mckenzie licks her lips. I glare at her* I mean pssst I didn't notice shit. I was to busy looking at Princeton to notice, well until he went in a room with that tramp-ass Leslie.

???-I think Imma make a move on Ray

Mckenzie-but TeeTee isn't he like with that girl Scarlet

TeeTee-No they broke up at the party and even if they were I wouldn't give a damn about Scarlet or his excuse for an ex girlfriend Victoria. Fuck them both they don't mean shit to me

Mckenzie-You won't be saying that when you get your ass kicked

TeeTee-Excuse me

Mckenzie-I didn't stutter

TeeTee-Are you saying I can't beat either of them

Mckenzie-Well *shrug shoulders* Yea, I guess. I mean bitch you know you can't fight

TeeTee-I can fight

Mckenzie-*Laughs* Yea, right

TeeTee-What a great friend you are

Mckenzie-All I'm saying is that I don't really think you should set yourself up for failure

TeeTee-So your saying I couldn't get Ray and I couldn't beat up Scarlet or Victoria

Mckenzie-That's exactly what I'm saying

TeeTee-Whore, don't tell me what I can and can't do *Gets in Mckenzie's face*

Mckenzie-Bitch fall back, what you doing stepping in my face like that, I ain't you I will hurt a bitch

TeeTee-I thought you were my friend

Mckenzie-I am that's why I'm advising you to step out my face before you get a beat down

TeeTee-*Backs up*

Mckenzie-*Smiles* Thats what I thought. Know back to are convo. You ain't got no chance in hell with Ray, ok

TeeTee-What ever *Rolls eyes and walks away*

"Amber's POV"

Ding Dong Ding

Amber-*Walks to door and open it. Sees Prod* Whats up Nigga

Prod-Nothing much

Amber-Are you going to just stand there like a bitch or are you going to come in *Prod walks in*

Prod-*See's Aimee* Hi Aimee

Aimee-Go jerk off some where *Runs upstairs. I burst out laughing. Prod glares at me*

Amber-What, your torture is my amusement

Prod-So you know

Amber-Of course I know, I'm actually happy you guys didn't do it


Amber-because I like you too

Prod-*Eyes widen* I---uh---you see--um

Amber-*hits him in the arm* I'm kidding I don't like you like that. I'm happy you guys didn't do it because Aimee was drunk and she stil have her V-card

Prod-o_O V-card

Amber-You know the V-card

Prod-No, I don't know

Amber-She's still a virgin

Prod-*Eyes widen* Ohhh, wait what

Amber-Yup my little sister still doesn't have her cherry popped


Aimee-*eyes widen* You did not get this information form me. If she finds out I told you this she is going to start hating me with a passion


Amber-*Smiles and walks away*

"Princeton's POV"

Ray-Did you see that ass on that girl

Prince-*Chuckles* Yea if I might say so myself that was one hellava ass

Ray-Good part about it is I got her number

Prince-*Glares at Ray* What I tell you about not hurting my sister

Ray-I'm not, I'm just trying to teach her a lesson that's all and also I would like to smell some free air for once ok

Prince-Whatever man *Ray walks up stairs leaving Princeton by himself in the living room. He sits down and start watching TV. He feels an uncomfortable feeling under his butt so he gets up. He lifts the couch cushen and sees a green book on the top of it, it says This book belongs to Leslie so don't read it. He picks up the book and fixs the couch and sits back down. Mmmmmmm. Should I read this book or not. Yes, no, maybe soo. Read, not read, read, not read. Mmmmmmmmm*