Chapter 2: Parents' wish.

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Now Y/n was sitting there, in her living room.

Already married to Taehyung since 2 months and sitting in their own house given by her father and Taehyung's, the night of her wedding.

She was thinking about her life.

She was thinking if marrying him was the biggest luck ever or the biggest mistake ever.

Luck because she married the one she loved truly.


Mistake because he didn't even look at her once openly.

But still somewhere, in her heart there was a hope that he will change someday.

Now it was already 10 PM and Y/n already prepared their dinner.

Every single day he would come late and would always skip the dinner just because of the plenty of work that he had every day.

But this time Y/n was determinated to give him the dinner.

Suddently, as she was in her deep thoughts, her phone rang.

She grabbed her phone and looked at the ID.

It was Taehyung's father.

She smiled slightly and picked up the call before speaking.

Y/n: Hello, abeoji?

Seo-Jun: Y/n, my daughter. How are you?

Y/n: I'm fine, what about you and your health? Remember when you missed your medecines and you fell unconcious.

Seo-Jun: *chuckled* My daughter, what did i do to have a caring daughter like you? Of course, i took my medecines. Don't worry.

Y/n: This is good, i will come and stay at your house for someday to take care of you.

Seo-Jun: Daughter, you repeated my words. I also wanted to tell you and Taehyung to come to my house tomorrow for lunch. There will be also your parents and...we have to talk about something important.

Y/n: *frowned* Ok abeoji, i'll tell Taehyung about this. But, is everything alright?

Seo-Jun: Yeah yeah, everything's good. Just an important talk.

Y/n: Ok abeoji, we will come.

Seo-Jun: Good, so i'll leave you for now. And come at 1 PM sharp.

Y/n: Ok bye, take care.

Seo-Jun: Bye dear.

With that, the call got cut and Y/n frowned in confusion.

Y/n: I hope everything is alright.

Suddently she flinched lightly when Taehyung opened the door with his full strenght.

She breathed out and got up before walking to him.

She took his briefcase and his coat as he just took off his shoes silently.

Y/n: Dinner...

Taehyung: Don't wanna eat.

He was about to walk away but Y/n spoke again.

Y/n: At least...once, it will be a waste.

He stayed still, not turning around.

Taehyung: Do whatever you want.

With that he walked upstairs and she sighed.

She then followed him in their shared bedroom and entered in.

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