Chapter 3

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The ominous words spoken by Officer Carter echoed ominously in Vanessa's mind, "They are going to check if you have any remaining family left."

Panic gripped her as she grappled with the implications of the statement, desperately trying to fathom the consequences of what it could mean.

Having been raised to believe she was an orphan, the mere notion of having surviving relatives was a foreign concept to her. She could only imagine the various scenarios that could play out, each one more alarming than the last.

The sharp knock on the door interrupted her thoughts, and the entry of another police officer only added to the chaos.

He said, "Sir, we need you at Park Ave. Now!"

"I've got to go. Can you handle this for me?" Carter asked the occupants.

"Of course," West replied grimly.

With a concerned glance at Vanessa and Patty, Officer Carter swiftly departed, leaving the young girl in the care of two doctors and a tall, stern man.

Their curious gazes upon her only served to heighten her anxiety, as she braced herself for the unknown.

Officer Carter then left Vanessa and Patty with two doctors, one who represents a bug, and a tall stern man, who were all staring at Vanessa with the utmost curiosity.

"I was just leaving," Mr. Drew commented, throwing a glare toward his coworkers, and storming out right behind Adrian. Que to the awkward silence.

"Well now, dear, let's get this done quickly," stated Dr. Fins. Dr. Fins directed all of them to another room outside.

The room reminded Vanessa of a dentist's clinic. It was a sterile and clinical space, with white walls, bright lights, and the unmistakable smell of disinfectant. The furnishings were simple and functional, with a small exam table, a few chairs, and a countertop holding various medical instruments and supplies.

Dr. Osbcorn sat Vanessa down on the seat and told her, with a reassuring smile, "Don't be nervous. It is going to be alright."

Funny, Vanessa thought, why did it not feel like it then?

Dr. Fins explained the procedure for taking the DNA test. "We are going to collect buccal cells."

Both Dr. Osbcorn and Officer West slapped their hands on their foreheads simultaneously in exasperation.

Vanessa stared up at the doctor, eyes wide with confusion. Would it be rude to tell the doctor that she understood absolutely nothing she just said?

"What?" asked Dr. Fins, her brow furrowing with annoyance. "What did I do now?"

"What?" asked Dr. Fins, her brow furrowing with confusion. "What did I do now?"

Patty sighed in annoyance, "We're just going to perform a simple cheek swab."

"Wait, is that all?" Vanessa interjected.

"Yes," Dr. Osbcorn replied with an amused grin.

Vanessa felt relieved, "Nice and simple. I can handle that."

As Dr. Fins approached with the swab in hand, she hesitated. "Wait!" cried both Dr. Osbcorn and Patty in unison.

Dr. Fins jumped in alarm, and for a moment, she seemed like a flying glittering bug. "What?" she snapped, her frustration obvious.

"Maybe I should do it," offered Dr. Osbcorn.

"Yeah," agreed Patty.

"Wait! Why can't I do it?" Dr. Fins asked, clearly perturbed.

Dr. Osbcorn hesitated, glancing at Patty before speaking, "Well, you're not exactly the best when it comes to dealing with children."

"Fine," Dr. Fins grumbled under her breath.

With gentle care, Dr. Osbcorn took the swab and approached the young Vanessa.

But before he could even start, Vanessa let out a shrill cry, "No!"

Officer West immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

With sweaty palms and twitching thumbs, Vanessa blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "Is this going to hurt?"

Patty immediately reassured her, "No, of course not."

As it turned out, the cheek swab wasn't painful, but it did leave Vanessa with an odd and unsettling sensation.

"So, what now?" Vanessa asked.

Dr. Osbcorn replied, "Now for the harder part: we wait."


After what felt like hours of waiting in the police station, Vanessa's nerves were starting to get the best of her. She couldn't help but feel bored and restless as she sat in the small, stuffy room, her mind racing with thoughts of what the DNA results could mean for her. She tried to distract herself by reading the outdated magazines on the table, but her mind kept drifting back to the possibility of discovering her relatives. If she had any.

Just as she was about to give up hope, Officer West appeared with a beaming smile on her face.

"Vanessa! I've got amazing news!" she exclaimed, her steps full of enthusiastic energy. "We got the results of the DNA test back and we've got a match!"

Vanessa's heart skipped a beat as she stood up, her nerves and excitement at a boiling point. She couldn't believe it. After all this time, she finally had an answer.

"What does this mean? Do I have a family?" she asked, her voice shaking with emotion.

Officer West smiled warmly at her. "Yes, Vanessa. You've got family."

We got a match.

You got family.


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