Infantry Weapons

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A variety of infantry weapons appear in Herald of Fury, some for the first time in the Star Wars Universe. If you're like us, you're intrigued by the possibilities of new weapon types. How do combatants use these technologies to gain advantage on the battlefield? Why do they select certain loadouts instead of others?

Over the next several chapters you'll see it all in action. In the meantime, we've included a brief description of each weapon type used by the Spec Ops team in Herald of Fury below. Hoorah!

Weapon Loadout

1. BlasTech E-9 Rifle - Mil Spec. Semi-auto (3 shot bursts).

2. BlasTech KX-8 Pistol - Mil Spec. Longer barrel for superior accuracy. Hand stabilizers. Useful for assassination.

3. KineTech RS-40 (Rail shotgun) - Fires magnetically accelerated shot. Useful for, close quarters, biological targets, energy shielded targets.

4. PlasMech SG (Shotgun) - Fires EMP. Useful for overloading circuits, overloading droids/cybernetics/electronic weaponry. Also damages biological targets, though RS-40 is superior in this regard.

5. PlasMech MG - Heavy repeating plasma rifle. Useful for area control.

6. KineTech Sniper Rifle - Fires magnetically accelerated bullets. Useful for long range targets, biological targets, energy shielded targets.

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