Chapter 14: Inside

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Liam banged and kicked against the mirror, attempting to break it then escape. He had no luck at all. He finally gave up after hurting his hand and leg pretty bad. He watched as his parents left the living room with the anti Liam.

Liam started to hear sounds. Timmy was crawling in the living room. His hands smacked against the wood floor.

"Timmy..." Liam said wanting to cry.

Timmy turned his head towards the mirror. He made cueing noises and began to smile. He quickly crawled towards the mirror and looked at Liam from underneath.

"You can see me!?" Liam said. His voice was an echo in a dark empty space. "How do I get out of here." He said to himself.

Timmy continued looking at Liam. That's when the other Liam came inside of the living room and picked up Timmy.

"Hey! Put him down!" Liam said banging against the mirror from the inside.

Timmy cried. Anti Liam frowned at Liam. "Careful big guy. You break it, you're trapped there forever." He said then left with Timmy, who continued crying.

Liam turned around and stared into nothing but darkness. Liam had this feeling that he was not alone.

An hour passed. Liam watched as his family ate in the living room together, laughing and having a nice time. He missed it. A lot.

After a few more hours past and nothing happened he decided to explore the dark place. He just wanted his family back. He stepped away from the mirror and into the darkness.

"Hello..." Liam said. He had his arms out to feel around. "Anybody...anything here?"

"Help me...." He heard a child's voice say.

"Help me...." It said again.

 Liam stopped walking. "Who's there?" He called out. There was no answer. "I can't see anything." He said. Liam continued walking when, he bumped against something. It was soft. Before he could feel around again he heard the voice again.

"Do you wish?"

It said. Liam was a bit shaken. He bit his lip. "Wish to what?" He asked.

"Do you wish to see?"

Liam's heart heated fast. He wasn't sure now. He closed his eyes. "Yes." He said.

He saw a bright light through his eyelids. Slowly opening his eyes he saw a young boy. He held a string and above him was a light bulb. It flickered non stop so the room was still dim and uneasy to see in, but he saw the boy. He looked about five.

Liam felt frozen as he looked at the young boy who held the string that was attached to the light. "Can you help me?" Liam asked. "Is there a way I can get back home?"

The boys sad face turned to a mad one. He frowned at Liam and pressed his lips together tightly.

"You have to help us!"

The boy yelled out.

"Us? Who's us." Liam asked.

The boy yanked on the light bulb. It turned off. Liam heard whispers. A lot of whispers. Suddenly, there was the clicking sound of the light being turned on. It was much brighter this time. Liam saw ever so clearly now.

Help us
Help us
Help us
Save us
Save us
Save us

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