Rising From The Ashes

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Requested by Rromanticized. Stripper!Stiles, Firefigher!Derek. 


       There's a song blaring that Stiles hates, it doesn't have a good beat to dance to and it's always playing in the club, and he moves to go backstage before his shift started. “Evening, Stiles.” Danny says, fixing his hair in the mirror. Stiles smiles at him, he likes when Danny works with him since Danny was more popular among the customer than Stiles, and he moves to get into his costume.

“Hey, Danny. Ladies night is going well.” Stiles says, smiling and Danny rolls his eyes fondly. Stiles isn't going to lie and say he hates being a stripper, it's fun most of the time. He works in a great club, gets paid well, as well as, getting tips from the customers, he doesn't get inappropriately touched by the patrons, and the girls and boys he works with are great. Especially Danny and Malia who usually work the same shift as him.

“Yeah, well, the ladies like to touch. Especially you.” Danny says, and Stiles snorts as he moves to slip on his tear away pants. The music is getting louder, the people drunker, and Stiles smiles as he tries to relax before he goes on. “You coming to lunch with me and Jackson tomorrow?” Danny asks, and Stiles nods his head.

“Yeah. You still telling him you're working in an all night gym?” Stiles asks, and Danny bites his lip as he nods his head. Stiles doesn't blame his best friend for lying to his boyfriend since he tells his father that he's working at a music store while putting himself through school. He is going to school online while taking one class at the community college on Thursday nights, he's halfway to an a degree in Sociology, and being a stripper pays nicely. “I don't blame you.” Stiles says, and he waves at Malia when she walks by him. “Hey, baby.” Stiles says, and Malia grins at him.

“Hey, Stiles. You on in five.” Malia says, and Stiles nods his head before he moves to let Danny check him out.

“Go get him, tiger.” Danny says, slapping Stiles' ass. Stiles chuckles as he nods his head with a smile as he get introduced as Bambi, and he blows a kiss at Malia before he goes out on stage to gyrate his hips for the men and women who slip money into his speedo.


It's not a goodnight for Stiles, he doesn't want to work because he has a major research paper to work on and he really isn't feeling like getting groped tonight. He almost calls in but then again his rent is due in a few days, so he should just probably go to work. Stiles dresses in his baggy track pants and graphic tee, and he gets into his car to drive to the club.

He parks next to Danny's Prius, and the line to the club, which doesn't open for another hour, is lining the street. He gets catcalled by a few of his regulars, it's the transsexuals that love him the most, and Stiles smiles at them while he waves back. Stiles likes his regulars, they aren't grabby or pushy and they tip will not to mention they're nice to him. “See you in a bit, ladies!” Stiles calls, and he gets yells in answer.

Stiles walks into the club, giving the bouncer, Ethan, a quick friendly kiss on the cheek. “Stay safe tonight, Stiles.” Ethan says, like he does every night. Stiles nods his head as if to say he will, and he moves to go inside. Danny is eating dinner at the bar,and Stiles moves to join him. Kira brings him a burger just like he likes it, and he grins at her before digging in.

“Why do you always eat like you're starving?” Danny asks, fondly. Stiles shrugs his shoulders before going back to eating his dinner, he always seems to be like that no matter what or how often he eats, and he finishes his food before Danny. “You should wait at least an hour before going swimming.” Danny tells him, and Stiles steals a fry before turning around.

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