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In the elevator of the hotel, I adjust my walkie-talkie. Apparently, someone in room 207 has been going on a rampage, and strange odors have came from the crevice of the door. I would not like to have to spend part of my Saturday night arresting some loser, but that's what my job consists of.
A few moments later, I knock on the door,"Police. Open the door." I hear some type of glass get smashed, so I draw my gun and enter the room.
The hotel room is full of debris - glass, ripped furniture, and paper. I hear something get thrown, so I carefully walk through the different rooms. In the main bedroom, I find an individual with their back turned to me. He has long straight red hair, is shirtless, and is wearing only jeans and socks.
"Sir," I instruct, pointing my gun at his back,"put the glass down, then put your hands on your head."
The male drops the glass on the floor, causing it to demolish about a foot from the shattered television. Instead of putting his hands on his head, he turns around to face me.
My jaw drops when I look into his hypnotic blue-green eyes,"Axl Rose?"
This is my first story. Please leave comments. I love reading what others think!(: Thanks!

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