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Pen Your Pride

one piece - Zoro - one shot

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Lying on the floor staring at the clouds moving across the sky, making shapes in your mind. You stood up and leaned against the edge of the ship looking out to the sea, the violent waves crashing back and forth. "What is that?" you asked yourself staring at the dark figure in the distance. "What's what?" a mumble came from the floor next to you, looking down you saw Zoro, half asleep, with one eye open looking at you. "I am not sure, but its approaching fast" you turned back to find something touching your face, it was slimy and stank of rotting flesh. It was some kind of mutant squid, you screamed at the top of your lungs as one of its slimy arms wrapped around your waist, forcing you to drop your sword. Zoro jumped up as the rest of the crew slammed open the door. It tightened its grip around you, making a few cracking sounds from your ribs. You shook your head in pain forcing the tears back, they have never seen you cry and you wished not to let anyone ever see your tears. You dug your nails into its soft flesh trying to make it let go.

Everyone crowded around and was attacked by each of the arms, there was now more than one of them, about 6 or 7 surrounding the ship. Zoro drew one of his swords and slices a tentacle along the middle, but gets pushed away before he could reach the beast. You are lifted in to the air and dragged to its mouth lined with sharp teeth. You put your left foot on the top jaw and the right on the bottom, pushing yourself away trying not to be eaten. You screamed again until you saw a flash of light and two strong arms wrap around you protectively. You looked up to see Zoro GLARING at the beast as it gurgled in pain while it ran back under the water's surface. He let go of you, screaming in pain you started to fall to the floor. He looked shocked and picked you up bridal style and ran to choppers room, holding you close. He put you down on the soft bed, blood now soaking into the sheets. You saw chopper running in the room carrying a medical bag with Zoro looking down at you with worry. Everything became dark, you blacked out.

You woke up with everything a blur, a figure then suddenly got up from laying the corner and sat in the seat next to you "______, _______are you ok? Can you hear me? ______?" a familiar voice said softly but with worry. "Zoro?" your vision is no longer blurry, "yes" "no nothing, it's just" "what?" he asked now wondering what you were to say. "Were you waiting for me to wake up?" you looked at him ignoring the light shade of pink on your cheeks, he blushed brightly and stood up and headed for the door "I was just asked by chopper to check on you" he slammed the door shut leaving his swords leaning against the wall.

After awhile you could sit up straight without it hurting too much, chopper came in holding a tray of food, "oh good your awake now" chopper sat on the stool next to me and handed me the tray "thanks, but didn't Zoro tell you that I had woken up?" chopper look strangely at me " what do you mean?" "when I woke up he said you said to check on me, then he left, didn't he tell you that I was awake?""I never asked him to check on you, he has been in this room since you got hurt, he never left" you looked down at your food shocked. "Oh, ok" you said cheerfully starting to eat. "How long have I been asleep?" "4 days". After 2 more days rest you were back to your old self.

It was now sun set, the sky was a mixture of reds, purples, blues and oranges and the ship was peaceful. Nami was in her room writing, Luffy was sleeping in his room, Usopp was drawing gadget designs in his room, Sanji was washing up dishes, Chopper was studying medical books, Robin was reading in her room, Franky was re-calibrating the defence systems of the ship in the cargo hold and Brook is practicing his violin in his room. The sound of his playing giving a soft atmosphere to the ship, you thought that you would sit on the railing at the front. As the waves crashed you started to cry, you were thinking of your family and friends back home and that you had feelings for Zoro. Silently you wept, "________" you gasped in shock and raised your head, wiping away the tears before looking over your shoulder to see Zoro starring at you. "Yes?" you smiled sweetly and tried to hide the fact that you were just crying, "what's wrong?" he asked softly "what do you mean, there's nothing wrong" I turned back towards the sea line, he sat next to you. "You were crying, look, you don't have to tell me what's wrong, but just know that you don't have to hide your tears from everyone" you looked shocked. You turned your head to face him to see his eyes all watery but no tears flowing down his face, "what's wrong?" you asked concerned, "I have something that's been bothering me lately, when you got hurt I felt like it was my fault" a tear rolled down his cheek. "no it was my fault, I was just being stupid and reckless" "________" he pulled you in to a hug close to his hart "I want to be there for you more, forever, I don't want you to get hurt again, I want to protect you". He let go of you and pulled you into a sweet kiss, His lips were soft and gentle, as was the kiss filled with passion. Your hart flustered and you started to cry, pushing yourself into his arms, you whispered "I, I love you" he wrapped his arms around you holding you tightly, "I wish I had said that first" You rested your head on his chest as you could feel his warm heart beating softly.

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