“Here. Have some of this water. It was fresh from the spring we just passed about half a mile away,” the elf, I now knew was named Legolas, said offering out his flask. I looked up into his eyes and I saw the twinkle in them. He was very good looking and although most elfs were pure and perfect, there was something even more pure and perfect about him.

I took the flask with an appreciative smile and unscrewed the lid and handed it to Leonan. I looked at him and eyed backwards for him to say thank you to the elf. He did so and the elf shook his head and went and stood at the edge of the cave. He pretended not to look but I saw his eye shoot back to my really quickly and then away.

Leonan took a large swig of the water before realising that the Hobbits were watching him and he began to blush. He handed the water flask out to me and I shook my head and told him to have a little more.

He yawned as he passed the flask back to me and I laid him back down on his made-up bed and pulled the blanket over him. His hair covered his eyes and I moved them to look into his bright blue eyes. I saw a shade of happiness in his eyes but saw the tiredness overlap it. I left him alone to fall asleep by himself and sat next to the smaller twin Hobbits.

“Your brother is a bundle of energy,” one of them chirped. “I'm Pippin by the way. And he's Merry.” He said cheerfully. He seemed to be unfazed by my outburst of a welcome earlier. I smiled and sat next to him near the fire. The Hobbits all sat around the fire next to me. Gimli soon joined and Aragorn sat across the fire from me but kept his head down. And eventually Gandalf and Legolas came and sat down near the edge of the cave.

“So what’s your name then Lady?” Gimli asked genuinely and I looked a bit shocked. I hadn’t introduced myself. I cleared my throat.

“I'm known by the name of Vina. I'm sorry I haven’t introduced my self in a more respectable manor” I said, my head lowering to the floor.

“And where do you descend from?” He asked and I looked up at him. This couldn't be answered easily. But I didn't feel like going into full detail to people I don't even really know. With the exception on a few.

“I am from nowhere in particular. I have always travelled with my father and never have settled,” I stated briefly. Gimli nodded but there seemed to be question in the air as the Hobbits seemed to be bursting with questions.

“But where is your father now Vina?” Sam asked before chomping on a piece of toast. Crumbs fell down his front and he wiped them away in embarrassment. I smiled at him trying to hide what I felt and he blushed.

“I do not know where my father is Sam,” I said quietly. Gandalf seemed to choke a little on his pipe and turned to me. Shock spread widely across his face.

“What do you mean Lavina? Where is Aodeth?” He exclaimed. I looked into the fire. Seeing the memories of the events play in the flames. It saddened me.

“About a year ago we were staying at this one town. Me, my father and Leonan had been there for about half a year and were thinking of settling down but we were attacked by orcs. Father stopped behind to fight for them and sent us to the next town about half a day away. However, after two days I got worried and went back to the town. But he was not there. Not among the dead and no where in sight. We waited in the town for a few weeks but we moved on. He told me before that if anything was to happen to him I was to take Leonan somewhere safe. And that's where I'm heading.” I explained and Gandalf starred at me but he wasn't actually looking at me, his was thinking. I saw Legolas cough as if to clear something from his throat.

“Did you say your name was Lavina?” Aragorn said from across the fire. Everyone looked up at him and I carefully moved my eyes over the fire and at him. His eye brows were joined and question was spread across his face. I looked up at Gandalf and wished he hadn't of used the longer nick name. I sighed and looked back at Aragorn who was watching me carefully.

“My full name is Aolavina,” I stated and Aragorn rolled the name over his tongue. Before Aragorn could say anything the Hobbits yawned loudly and lay down to go to bed. I looked over to Leonan and the bed where he lay and then towards the entrance of the cave. I should really stay up and guard the cave, but I really was exhausted.

“Go get some sleep Vina. We'll guard the cave. I swear you'll be safe with us. We'll talk in the morning,” Gandalf instructed. I looked at him in appreciation and got up from where I was sat.

“Thank you. Goodnight all,” I said finally. I walked over to the far end of the cave and to where Leonan was sleeping. I lay next to him and put my arm around him. He shook a little at my touch and I wrapped the blanket tighter around him. I wasn't that cold.

I closed my eyes as I hoped sleep would come quickly. After a few minutes the darkness started to take me in its wake and I strangely felt something cover me. Something warm and something that smelt sweet. But I did not bother to open my eyes, I was soon asleep.

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