Chapter 8

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        We stand in the barn for another hour, trying not to freeze to death. I still dodn't see my parents, but there is a police car pulling up.

        Kayleen made her way over to the two cops and asked what was going on. After they told her, she pointed at me. One of the police came over.

        "McKenzie? Your- Your parents. They were driving to get you and... somebody was driving without thier lights on." He started.

        "No." I whispered, "No!" I screamed falling to my knees and cry into them. Mel put her hand on my shoulder before I run into the woods.

        I sit leaning on a big oak tree. I feel rain drops on my head. I starts to pour and the water is up to my knees.

        I try to run back to the stables, but it is very hard so I swim. I hear splashes in front of me and see that is is Mel on Jasper.

        She slings me up onto his back and leads him back to the barn. She puts him in his stall and leads me to Kayleens office.

        Kayleen is sitting at her desk with a pag of potato chips. Mel and i sit down in chairs at the corners of the room.

        I am still crying. Why on earth did this happen to me- my parents? I just don't understand why they died.


        Heyooooo. I'm sorry for this chapter. On the side is a little video by loneoakgirls that I thought was so halarious.

<3 see ya ma home dizzles.

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