Seven Ali

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Some of y'all ain't never had no real bitch and it shows
I keep it one hunnid from my head down to my toes

-B.S. Jhene Aiko

. . .

Midtown AtlantaZone  5

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Midtown Atlanta
Zone  5


Seven stepped out of the steamy glass shower, wrapping a fluffy white towel around her slim frame. She dragged her feet across the absorbent shower mat, thoroughly drying the excess water before stepping onto the cold white marbled floors. With her bodily and oral hygiene complete, she walked into her bedroom that was conjoined with the bathroom.

Drying the rest of her body off, Seven's eyes scanned the dresser that was cluttered with toiletries. They landed on a new jar of body butter that she'd recently purchased from a small black owned business. Removing the lid, she lathered the vanilla scented butter all over her body, leaving a shimmery finish along her butter pecan skin. Clad in a pair of black SKIMS leggings and a matching crop top, she removed her pink satin bonnet, allowing her neatly parted butt-length stitch braids to flow down her back. Her baby hairs were still intact, dramatic and swooped with precision. As always, she kept her face free of makeup with the exception of her lash extensions and clear lip gloss. Satisfied with her appearance, Seven applied some "Pussy" body oil onto her pulse points then slid her feet into a pair of onyx Yeezy foam runners.

The strong and musky smell of marijuana hit her nose as she stepped out of her bedroom and into her living room. "Scar, why the fuck would you light that in here? I'll get evicted, and my brother will kill me."

Annoyed by her boyfriend's lack of respect for her home, she forcefully opened the sliding door of the balcony allowing the small living space to air out. "You could've went outside."

"Don't come in here with that bitchy ass attitude. Blowing my high and shit," Scar screwed his face up, exhaling smoke through his nose.

"Excuse you? Do you pay a bill in here?"

He ignored her, keeping his eyes fixated on the 65-inch television that was mounted to the living room wall.

"Put that shit out or go outside Scar! I mean it!" Seven demanded, raising her voice.

Kissing his teeth, Scar stood up abruptly, flipping Seven's glass coffee table over. Shards of glass scattering the expensive tile flooring.

"Happy now?" He asked before stepping outside onto the balcony and slamming the door shut behind him.

In the beginning of their relationship, Scar never seemed like the type to have anger issues. He was always sweet to Seven up until a few months into their relationship. He became a completely different person and would blow up over small mishaps. Arguing became a daily thing for them and would often end in a breakup. But they always made up through sex and found themselves right back at square one. A repetitive cycle. Although Seven should've left Scar alone the moment she noticed his red flags, she tends to think that she can fix broken men. Truthfully, her and Scar will probably never be compatible. Their relationship was nothing short of toxic.

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