The First of Many Trials

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The next couple of days went by without incident... And I felt like an idiot. I questioned myself, had I really seen all that? Of course I hadn't told anyone what actually happened, I already felt ridiculous as is, I didn't need my friends laughing at me as well. So I soon forgot everything that had happened that Friday night. After all, if the whole weekend went by without incident, why would anything happen now? I now know better. Sunday night was the first trial, and the first of many more to come. I had one of those old Gameboy's, the one with the very poor color quality. But it worked for me and I still got to play classic games on an original device and not one of those big "re-made" set ups at new arcades. So I was sitting stretched out on my couch, a glass of Mountain Dew on the side table, playing Sonic. But since I thought playing a game with no sound around me, I had reached for the TV remote... And knocked over the glass. I swore under my breath and fixed the glass then went to move my soaking wet Gameboy when suddenly I got shocked. I shook my hand and swore more loudly.

"What the hell...?" I said, going to touch it again. That wasn't so smart because this time I got shocked one hundred times worse. The lights started blurring and my head felt light. Then I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was in a place that wasn't my living room. I got up and looked around me. The setting was that of Sonic but.... More creepy. The background was that of static looking blood and the floor was dirty industrial metal.

"Oh shit..." I said quietly, turning around to look at the static blood. It moved across like waves... An entire ocean of blood. Like the Red Sea but the Red Ocean... Yeah.

"Hey," said a voice behind me. "You want to play a game?" I turned around again to see Sonic. But it wasn't Sonic, it was some demonic version. His eyes weren't the big adorable white ones but we're small and red. They ran with blood. He smiled with discolored pointed teeth. "We'll play hide and seek," he decided.

"Uhhhh..." I said. "No?"

"I'll close my eyes and count to ten," he said.

"Oh hell no." He began counting and I turned to run. On three his voice turned demonic and he giggled in his normal voice then continued to count. My feet were moving faster than I could comprehend, the floor was moving in a blur. There was nowhere to hide and his counting was increasing to eight.... Nine... I got pulled back to face the bloody eyes. He laughed.

"You can't run, you're too slow," he said. "And I... Am God." I shook my head. No, no, no, this can't be happening. I was sweating and his grip on my wrist burned. My sweatpants felt heavy and my tank top clung to my skin as if he was burning me alive. He laughed again. "Found you, silly. Wanna try again? Get ready for round two. But this time, when you lose, your soul will belong to me." He came into another fit of maniacal laughter and I yanked my wrist free then began running. He counted loudly, the demonic voice ringing horribly in my ears. The wide landscape was empty and I was running nowhere it seemed. Until I almost tripped on something. It was a handle into a trap door. Six.... Seven... I opened the door... Eight... Nine... I got in and closed the door, enveloping myself in total darkness... Ten.

"Ready or not, here I..." His voice stopped. "Where'd you go?" My breathing was heavy and I was still sweaty. I tried calming my breathing but it did nothing. I heard him walking, his footsteps echoing. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." I could hear him above the door, I don't think he noticed the handle. He was right above me. I could either hope and pray he didn't notice the handle or I could surprise him. I decided on the second decision and shoved the door handle up as hard and as fast as I could. I could hear him fly back as I jumped out. He fell back on his butt and his eyes burned brightly, bleeding profusely.

"Here I am," I said, kicking him back which sent him flying. He fell, hitting his head on the hard floor and I heard a sickening whack. I walked over and looked down at him breathing hard and raggedly. "Not so much of a God now, are you?"

"Your soul... Is mine..." He managed to get out in his regular, non-demonic, voice. He coughed blood and I shook my head.

"You're wrong," I said. "I've beat you, and you... Are now dead." I kicked his head hard and he let out a scream. I kicked harder and harder. Blood began staining my shoes. I kicked and kicked until there was a hole the size of my shoe in his head. I panted and bent over, throwing up. I wiped my mouth and shuddered. Did this count as murder...? No, I guess not. I began walking. I don't know where, there wasn't anywhere to go, I just had to get as far away from Sonic as I could. The static blood background stopped churning and was still. Then it started falling apart like pixels. The ground behind me started falling apart but Sonics body still stayed the same, never falling into the white abyss. I began running away from it for surely I was going to fall. The ground began falling behind me faster and faster, falling at the heels of my shoes. I came to a sudden cliff that went down into deep water. I couldn't stop. There was nothing to go back to. So I took a deep breath, jumped...

And landed on my couch. I let out my breath in panicked gasps. I was back. I laughed and touched my head, my legs and arms. I was really back. I looked at my Gameboy again. The screen was white. There was no way in hell I was ever touching that again. I took a paid of tongs from the kitchen and picked up the Gameboy like that. I dropped it on the hardwood floor and stomped on it over and over again. The chip broke, the screen cracked, and it began smoking. I grabbed the dustbin and sweeped it up. I waked it outside and threw it into the trash can then returned back inside. I breathed in deeply. It was over. Thank god, it was all finally over.

Again, I was wrong.

~ Authors Note~

Hello future readers of what I hope to be something good enough for you to read! This is the second chapter of The Trial (duh) but it will get much better. Presumably. Yes, Sonic is dead. I'm sorry. But there are many many more challenges coming up that I think you will enjoy. Right now there aren't any readers, I'm new at Wattpad and this is only the second chapter so Y'know.... But the reason why there is a Romance tag is because of one of the trial-ees. Unless you want an actual love story, say so in the comments whether you do or not. It's completely up to you readers. I will update as much as I can to something I hope to maybe be successful. So thanks for reading, if anyone actually does, and I will always respond to messages if you ever want to message me about something~

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