Chapter 13: Alone

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The laughter continued. Insane laughter that sounded like it couldn't be controlled. The laughter sounded that of an old man. Liam heard it coming from upstairs, which he had no clue one even existed there.


The laughter continued, Liam looked around quickly behind and in front of him. He started to run to the front door of the orphanage. He pulled and turned the knob, but the door just wouldn't open. Suddenly, there was a small creaking sound coming from the doors of every room in the hallway. All of them slowly opened, then slammed shut.

The laughter stopped.

Liam leaned against the door knob trying his best to open the door but failed. He kicked and banged against it.

"Scarlett!" Liam shouted out. But no one answered him back of course.

He felt a cold breeze in the hall. He kept facing the door, afraid to look back. "Let me out of here!" He said but still no answer.

Liam knew he was trapped now. He started to expect the worse any second.

There was the sound of light footsteps, every step creaking against the wood of the floor above. Liam looked up where he thought the footsteps would be. His sight followed the noise until it seemed to stop near a closed door just in front of the stairs.

Liam waited. Nothing happened.

A Door at the end of the hall opened, revealing nothing but darkness even though it was daytime. Something started to come from underneath the floor. A tiny shadowy arm reached up, placing its hand on the wooden floor, followed by the other arm, pulling itself from underneath the wooden floor. It slowly crawled out another shadowy figure, then another. Then another. Then another.

The hands were all flat on the floor, hands stretching out in front of them. Before he could bling, the figures were all standing. Some heads twitched, other heads slowly moved side to side examining Liam. Their bodies shook rapidly before fading away then appearing again; then they would fall and  stand up again. There were about 15 shadowy figures standing 10 feet away from Liam.

Liam continued looking at the shadows. He slowly reached for the door knob but he felt something different. Something cold. He turned around. Liam was shocked to see a little boy with half a face; the other half was burnt, and the other half was normal.

The boy made a yawning sound.


He moaned reaching for Liam's hand, trembling. He then fell onto the floor.


The door in front of the stairs quickly opened, revealing an old man with white hair. His mouth was closed but it somehow laughed. One eye from him was closed and the other was completely white. His white hair floated slightly above his head and his clothes were torn and burnt. Reaching out it's hand, the man ran towards Liam. 

Liam closed his eyes and grabbed the door knob again. This time it opened and he fell onto the stairs. Despite his pain, he ran as fast as he could away from the orphanage. When he finally got to the sidewalk he caught his breath for air.

Liam looked back at the orphanage. The man stood in the door way. His hair and clothes moving with the wind. His mouth was shut but Liam heard him say it.

It lies within you boy...It said. The door of the orphanage then slammed shut and Liam heard laughter again slowly fainting away.

"You made it out." Scarlett said.

Liam jumped and turned around. He stared angrily at Scarlett. "No thanks to you! Why did you leave me?" He yelled out.

"I'm going home." Liam said walking away quickly.

"You have no home, Liam." Scarlett said.

"You're making no sense." He said still walking away.

Scarlett caught up to him. She didn't say anything until they got to his house. Liam looked at the house. He sighed.

Scarlett got closer to Liam and held his hand then leaned against Liam's shoulder.

"You must stop my brother. I believe you can." Scarlett said.

Liam stepped away from her and ran inside of his house. He looked at Scarlett then slammed the door.

"Hello." A familiar voice said.

Liam turned around. He saw him. His own self staring happily back him. Except the other Liam dressed a bit darker. He wore dark colors and wore black eye liner. Well Liam thought it was eyeliner. It could have been a natural blackness underneath his eyes.

"Finally." The other Liam said smiling.

"What do you want with me?" Liam asked trying to hide the fact that he was scared.

"I'm looking for something." It said.

"What is it?" Liam asked.

"Never you mind kid. You'll rat me out to my sister I know it." It said stepping towards Liam.

"You leave me and Scarlett alone." Liam said. "Give me back my life!" He yelled.

The other Liam walked closely to Liam but Liam kept his distance until he was next to the mirror in the hallway.

"Not yet kid. I'm going to need you to..." It placed it's hands on Liam's shoulder then pushed Liam towards the wall. "Stay out of my way!" It yelled in an un-hunanly voice.

Liam fell to the ground then got back up. The other Liam walked away. Liam tried to go after him but something stopped him. Like a force field or something. He realized he was in the mirror. He beated against the mirror and yelled out. Just then he heard a door close and voices.

"Hey Liam." His dad said coming in through the door.

The other Liam winked at Liam and hugged His parents.

"Mom! Dad!" Liam yelled but no one saw or heard him inside the mirror...

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