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Chapter 2: the flight

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*Bella set on the chair*
Ok , I'm doing this, thought Bella
I'm already missing my mom!!
I told her that we will chat at skype when I get there.
some cute boy is sitting next to me, maybe I will chat with him until the plane will land.
"hey" I told him.
"hey" he said.
"what's your name?" I asked
"My name is Justin,and you are?" he said.
"I'm Bellacris,but everyone calls me Bella." I said.
"I'm going to NY to make my dream come true , I'm going to The musical school there, I want to be a singer "I added.
"OMG!! I'm going there too!! I'm a songwriter, and I want that its will be my job in the big city, NY." Justin said.
"Awesome,we'll be together at there."I said .
*the flight has conducted for 12hours*
_Part 3 will be updated soon _

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