Chapter 1

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Mel's POV

RRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!! Yes! That's the bell for the last day of school! Goodbye 7th grade, and hellooooo summer!

My BFF Heather and I ran towards the school bus, and hopped on. "Yes! Finally! No more homework, or projects, or papers! Just relaxation with horses. Ahhhh," Heather said. I laughed. "I get it, I'll finally have time to hang out with Cowboy 24/7," I said. Cowboy was my pony. I got him from my family's horse rescue center for my birthday. It was the best surprise ever! Heather's grandparents have a therapeutic riding center/ riding lesson barn, and she kept her horse Cloud there. "Yeah, I'm excited to get Cloud ready for fair! And you will be my lovely assistant," Heather said. "Why, yes I will," I said. We laughed and then went into a happy silence. Since I finally have my own horse, I get to do more shows and 4H! I'm starting next year, since this 4H season is almost over. They just have fair and then that's the end of the season. The bus stopped at Hunter Creek Stables, Heather's grandparents' stable. "See ya later," she called as she got off the bus. "Okay, see ya later!" I replied.

When the bus arrived at Century Farms-my home-I got off the bus, waved to the bus driver, and hurried inside my air conditioned house. I set my bag down and sighed a happy sigh. I know Mom's out at the barn working with the horses. We've had a TON of new rescues over about 2 weeks, which is very unusual. We got 5 new horses. Okay, so it's not a ton, but it feels like it with all of the other horses we have. We only have 2 of our own horses, Cowboy, and my sister Julie's horse that she chose to keep, Geronimo. He's only 3, so he still has a lot of training to do, but he's super friendly, he just needs to learn what personal space is.

I went into the barn, and looked at the assignment board. Today, I have to work with Stardust, a sweet mini that we have, Missy, a pretty paint horse that we've had for a while, and Jack, a chestnut Arabian that we were told about. He was being neglected, and he was really shy around adults, but he really likes kids. The smaller, the better. After I work with them, I'll take Cowboy for a ride.

Now that I'm 13, I'm allowed to work with more horses everyday. On school days, I would work with 3, and Cowboy, so 4, but now that it's summer, I'll be allowed to work with 3-4 everyday for longer periods.

I walked out to the pasture that Stardust was in, and caught him. I led him out to the round pen, and brushed him. After I brushed him, I worked on some showmanship. I had him do forehand and haunch turns, back up, and I recently started to teach him to side pass. I pushed a trotting pole into the center of the pen, and had Stardust put his front hooves on one side of the pole, and his other hooves on the other side. I started to gently push on his left side where his girth would be, and he started to step to the side. He took a few steps to the right, and I praised him. I made him take a few side steps the other way, and then called it a day. I quickly had him do all of the tricks I taught him: hug, bow, lay down, and pick up a frisbee! After that, I put him back out in his field.

Next, I worked with Jack. It took me a few minutes to catch him, but it was getting easier everyday. Today, I just worked on leading him around cones and over poles. He was starting to relax and trust me the more we worked together. I can't wait until he's put up for adoption! He's gonna have a great owner, I just know it!

After I put him away, I got Missy out and decided to stick with the theme of the day and do showmanship. I made up a showmanship test and had her follow me around and do lots of turns. After a while, a put her away and got Cowboy out.

I put him in cross ties and quickly brushed him. It was getting late, so I would just ride him bare back. I out his bridle on and snapped on my helmet, and then mounted him. I warned him up, and then cantered a few laps around the arena in both directions. To cool him out, I rode him around the cross country field.

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