Chapter Two

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Taming Marcus Chapter two

By RhapsodyOfTheLost

Warnings: Same as last chapter. If you are homophobic... What are you doing on the second chapter? Also, like the last chapter, this is just thrown together. So feel free to use it to help with your criticism skills. 

Feel free to note that I used Steve Irwin to help type Marcus' accent. 


Oh dear god, someone please strike me down. It's as if the cosmos is playing some strange and evil trick on me. What did I do to deserve this? I swear, I'll be a good boy from now on, I'll change. Just, someone please, make it stop! I will never sneak an extra bit of desert ever again! I'll tell the whole school I'm gay! Just make it stop!

Okay, for all you people just tuning in, I'm currently in a horrible, awful disaster! You probably already managed to sum that up, but I still believe it best to point it out for clarity's sake. Now, why am I in a horrible disaster? Easy. It's a little torture called gym! I have no problem with getting sweaty, especially if I get to see my fellow male classmates showing off their parts, but that's beside the point.

Red is in my class. I repeat, Red is in my class. Gym class, homeroom, mathematical class, geography class, English class, you get the gist. I mean, is this even possible? We are in ALL the same classes! Someone contact the President! This is an emergency! Okay, back to our current situation.

Here I was, getting ready to run laps, stretching, when Red walks in, wearing a pair of shorts that hugged him so nicely. His t-shirt was a v-neck, and it hung loosely over his frame. My jaw must have fell open, because Red looked over at me, sending a flirtatious wink my way. Come on! Did he have a built in gaydar or something? Or maybe he was just one of those kids with a death wish. Oh please let it be the first one... Wait, no the second. No, the first. No, the second. Argh! Teenage hormones are raging! Help! Abort! Abort! ABORT!

Okay, freak out done. Hand me a crowbar, I need to pry my eyes off of his ass. Oh my god it's so nicely shaped, perfect for holding... No! Straight jock mode go! Jockman, I choose you! Go! Use straight beam! Oh no! He's using pre-gym stretch attack! It's super effective!


I swear I had kicked the nerd out of my brain... Either way, Jockman is fainted. What shall you do? Flee, or use another Pokemon? Use another Pokemon. Select Pokemon. Straightbully selected. Straightbully uses insult of degrading attack!

"What are you doing, faggot?" I snarled, cracking my knuckles. I hope I don't get arthritis...

"Stretchin', Oh Smart One. Ya know, da thing ya do before ya work out. What? Ya don't do that here, mate?" Marcus replied, looking over at me, frowning in slight confusion. He is either a good actor, or he's actually like that.

"I meant about that fuckin' wink." Yay, go Straightbully!

"Yea, sometimes one eyes gets dry, an' only that eye blinks."

"But you aimed it at me, asshole."

"Mate, I only look like I'm lookin' at ya. Right now I'm watching the gym teacher enter the gym, wearing red shorts, and a clashing green top." I blinked. He was looking at me... Then I turned around. Damn, he was right.

"What the... That's just fucked man." I shook my head in defeat. Damn it, I could call him a freak, but that isn't as cool sounding as making nasty comments on his sexuality. This suddenly reminded me of a Glee episode. He was Kurt, and I was Karofsky. No, I don't want that to actually happen. Maybe it'll turn around, and we'll slowly fall in love through our verbal fights? Then we'll get married, have a little Rachel of our own, and grow old together. This is all from just meeting the guy. What's going to happen as time goes on?

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