Chapter Thirty-Two

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He gently took my smallest baby out of the bassinet and handed her to me. "You're on bed rest for a week. I don't want you moving much until your incision line heals."

I nodded and cradled my baby in my arms. "I don't even have a name for her." I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

"Something that starts with a 'c' I'd assume," Jared said with a smile.

I smiled down at my Baby C. "Probably."

Mikko walked into the room and sat down on the other side of the bed, watching me hold our baby. It was so weird to think our baby.

Jared stayed as I breast fed all three of the babies. He was probably watching to make sure they all reacted normally. As far as I could tell, they were all normal newborns, even if the smallest had an issue latching on to feed, once she did, she fed just like the other two.

He checked my incision line once before leaving to get some sleep. He told me he'd be back in the morning to check up on everything.

Mikko ran his finger over Ben's face as I held him. He must've been told not to touch the top of his head, which was good. I'd kill him if he touched the crown of any of my children's head.

"What are we going to name her?" I asked looking at the smallest sleeping baby between my legs.

He shrugged. "What was your back up girl name?"

"It started with a 'b'."


"Her name needs to start with a 'c' to match the theme."

"Of course." Mikko smiled. "She would've been 'Baby C' wouldn't she?"

I nodded. "So we need a girl C name."


My face scrunched at my dislike. "Something else."


Too old, I thought as I shook my head again.


I scoffed. "She's not going to be a stripper."

He smirked. "Cassandra."

I nodded. "That's much better." I handed Benjamin to him. He looked panicked when I held the baby out.


"He's too small." Mikko looked over his son. "I can't."

"You were holding the girls with no problem." I chuckled. "All those muscles and you can't hold your son?" Mikko shot me a dirty look. "You're not going to break him. I promise."

I placed my son in his father's hesitant arms. I could see Mikko's worry. He didn't want to hold the child too tightly, but he didn't want to drop him either.

I picked up my smallest girl. "Is your name going to be Cassandra?" I cooed, lightly tapping her chin getting the smallest smile out of her. I looked at Mikko. "I think she likes it." He beamed at his child's smile. I wouldn't tell him that her smile probably came from gas; I just let him think she was smiling for him. "Good job Daddy. You named your daughter." And so Cassandra was named.

Then Mikko's front door burst open so loudly I could hear it from his room. I looked over worried at Mikko. But he wasn't worried. He smiled at the baby boy in his arms. "It's just your father, Nikki and probably Mike."

I smiled, now excited. Nikki didn't run into the room like I thought she would. She peeked in first, probably making sure it was clear for the other two to come in with her. When she saw I was dressed, she came in with a huge smile on her face.

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