Chapter 17 part one:

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Hello again! Here's a part of the net chapter-or I should say a beginning in a way. Sorry if this might be kind of short.

        I put my pen down and stare at the journal. About eleven pages filled and this is the third night. So far I haven't forgotten anything. I've noticed since yesterday they begin to ware out later as the day goes on. The journal is my only reference.

        I just hope this method works.

        I close the blue notebook, the color of the strange telephone booth, and put it on my nightstand. I pull out another book and begin to read.

        I just begin to ignore the pain on my shoulder. I'm not in the mood to take any medicine yet, besides the fact I need to eat food with it. I don't want any food, I'm not hungry.

        "Keep reading," I say quietly hoping it'll go away or become less painful when I keep my mind off of it.


Time skip once again:

        The Doctor stares down at my notebook.

        "You've written almost every detail of what happened," he says. "I felt the cold cement on the edge of the roof. The wind blew slightly in my face. I was debating to jump, but once I saw the last statue I couldn't move. I was so frightened." He stops. "I'll stop reading it aloud. I'm sorry if it's frightening you."

        "It's fine," I notice that I'm gripping on to a part of my clothes.

        "In the dreams you take the characters place, which make them seem more real. I would have suggested that it's your imagination and you've been sleep walking as well, but it wouldn't eplain the bruises and injuries you've gotten. You've showed no signs in the past that you have either."

        "I know my father did when he was a child. Otherwise he seems to be the only one that I am aware about who does-or did."

        "I'm going to change the subject but looking at the next page, it's the same dream that you've told me about. The one that has been repeating itself."

        "It only happened once in the past few days so far. Should I cont. to write it down if it happens again."

        "I would write down briefly it is does. We've been through it before."

        "It's weird, that is the only one I don't seem to get hurt in."

        "The only one?"

        "Yes, I mean we both know the person gets hurt. She had fells-even tripped and almost twisted her ankle while escaping. I don't know if the girl succeeded or not."

        "I have another idea. I would write it down briefly in your journal if it continues, but if anything new happens then I would begin to describe it in full detail. Does that make sense?"

        "Kind of. I mean like say the dream went longer? Or suddenly I realized the dream skipped something and then I suddenly see what I missed; then do I write it down?"

        "Yes, exactly," the Doctor smiles, "you're beginning to become smarter."

        "I'm finally understanding the dreams?"


        "Okay then."

        "Now I have one more dream I want to talk about."

        "Which one?"

        "The third one on the second night. You had three to replace the one before since it was short. Which was only two and half pages long.'

        I grip on to the bottom of my shirt.

        "That one scares you, doesn't it?" he becomes a bit more concern.

        "It's one of them," I say. "The one that keeps on repeating terrifies me but in a way I'm kind of used to it. Maybe because I know what will happen. I don't know how describe it."

        "It's okay. I think later on you'll begin to understand it more. It's perfectly normal to be terrified of something where you are in a situation and don't know what to expect. It's life, you don't know what you'll find until it happens. Do you me to get you some water?"

        "No. Why would you ask?'

        "I know you have written this down, but I would like you to tell me about the dream. The other one that scares you that doesn't seem to be repeating."

I might have part 2 finished later today but now it's going to be somewhat of a cliffhanger. THANKS AGAIN FOR READING!!!

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