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Never more you and I

How the years seem to fly by

You had brought me love

and other things

that use to my heart sing

Silence is forever still

like the hours that pass

and days that be

no more of anything

no more you and me

I cannot believe

how you have

gone from me.

Why did you go

on that I will never know.

Missing you everyday

I burn the candle

and I remember you

every night, by candlelight

I close my eyes

the years decrease

and there you are

near, not far

I watched you sleep

and hold you close

of these I remember most

The kisses, holding hands

walking barefoot on the sand.

I open my eyes

to the glaring cold

I nevertheless smile

at the remembrances

of our love awhile.

Alas but dreams

they chance to be

For you are

but a distant memory

Where you lie is

cold and gray

It is not where

you were meant to be.

I wish you were here

and not where you are

But in my heart

you will always stay

now, forever

and always.











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