Author's Note

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Hey guys this is the second book after NBACF! I'm putting all of the character descriptions from the last book here, I'm not sure yet if all of the characters from the last book will be in this one but most of them will:) hope you enjoy! I will add characters as they come along.

Melody- golden brown hair down to a bit below her shoulders, freckles, blue eyes, short, as far as riding, she does jumping, dressage, western pleasure, and a little bit of gaming
Mom-short light brown hair, green eyes
Julie-long dark brown hair, brown eyes, as far as riding, she does the same as Melody
Dad- tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes
Art- super tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes
Heather-pale skin, blonde straight hair, blue eyes, as for riding, she does the same as Melody except she does more gaming than Mel. Her main focus though is jumping and dressage.
Lauren- mocha brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, pale skin
Pam- dark brown skin, curly brown hair, and brown eyes
Nina- tan skin, redish brownish curly hair which comes to her shoulders
Cindy-long Perfectly straight mocha brown hair, dark brown eyes, perfect skin
Allison- sandy blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, tan skin
Rachel-red straight hair, green eyes, freckled face
Sammy- wavy brown hair with natural highlights, rides but also is an actress
Olivia- saddle seat rider, tan skin brown eyes and long dark brown hair
Marie- shoulder length light brown hair, hazel eyes, short
Cowboy- 12.3 hands high, bay, dark brown thick mane and tail with orangey highlights, a star under his forelock, kind eyes, Shetland/quarter pony. Gelding
Pepper-dappled grey thoroughbred, 16.2 hands, brown lively eyes Gelding
Missy-black and white paint, one brown eye and one blue eye, American Paint horse, 15.2 hands. Mare
Candy Girl-shiny bay, short black mane, retired racehorse, 16 hands Mare
Tucker- chestnut with a thick white blaze, one brown eye and one blue ( like Missy), 15 hands, quarter horse. Gelding
Buddy-dark bay with a star, brown eyes, 14.3 hands, quarter horse. Gelding
Fiona-red chestnut quarter horse, 15.3 hands, dark brown eyes, hind leg stockings. Mare
Cloud- white, brown eyes, light pink nose, sweet brown eyes, 14 hands. Mare
Sunshine-dark bay German Warmblood mare, easy going personality, belongs to Cindy
Rocket- red roan quarter horse gelding, can be sorta salty at times, belongs to Rachel
Majesty-all black except for a star, Morgan gelding, good personality, belongs to Allison
Mollie-all black Morgan mare
Rookie- chestnut with a flaxen mane quarter horse
Paradise- chestnut filly with a blaze
Stardust- dark brown and white paint mini gelding
Onyx-black Tennessee Walker mare
Toby-dappled gray quarter horse draft mix gelding
Fairy-dappled gray quarter horse mix mare
Jack- chestnut Arabian gelding
Angel- white with light gray dapples mare
Smarty- palomino quarter horse gelding
Spirit- buckskin mustang gelding
Rain-chestnut and white paint mustang mare
Scout-palomino mini gelding
Jelly Belly-chestnut and white paint mare American Paint Horse
Knight-black fresian stallion
Sadie-gentle chestnut conemmera mare
Tye-black American Saddlebred with a white star on his forehead
Chester-all bay OTTB with no white markings. 16.2 hh gelding
Pippa-flea-bitten grey mare OTTB 17 hh
Truffles-dark bay mini mare
Banana- creamy palomino mini gelding
Skittles- black and white paint mini gelding

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