Destined 4 | Information Overload

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“Ain’t it crazy how you think you got your whole life planned,

just to find that it was never ever in your hands.



{~Tori’s POV~} 

     There was a knock on the door. Alex ran to the balcony and closed the doors behind him.

      “Come in,” I called.

      The door opened and Dad walked in. He smiled at me and came to give me a hug. “I’m so glad you’re awake.”

      “How long was I out for?” I asked. The question had just occurred to me.

      “3 days,” he answered. “We were all so worried.”

      “I’m alright,” I said. “I mean, I could be worse.”

      “I know,” he said. “Listen I know you want to know everything but I can’t tell you. The Crosses are coming over soon so get changed and come downstairs as quick as you can, okay?”

      “Okay Dad,” I answered. When I was taking a shower, I noticed that I had a black six-pointed star on my stomach, above my belly-button. It looked like a tattoo! Where did it come from? I decided to ask Edward about it later on. I changed into blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Tying my hair into a side pony, I put a necklace with a silver cross on. It was then I realized that I didn’t have my charm bracelet on. I must have left it in Alex’s bedroom. “Dammit.” I would get in back from him later. I slipped a pair of flat, black shoes on and went downstairs.

      As I approached the living room, I realized that the Crosses were already there. I entered the room and all eyes turned to me. My mom jumped up and gave me and hug that suffocated me.

      “Mom,” I said. She didn’t let go. “Mom, I still hurt.”

      She let go of me immediately. “I’m sorry honey. I’m just so glad to see that you’re awake.”

      I sat down and the two women went into the kitchen. Mom came back with a coffee for me and then left again.

      “I’m going to explain everything to you Tori because I know that you are probably curious to know,” Edward said.

      I nodded to confirm what he was saying. I was aching to know. Literally.

      “For centuries, there have been creatures in the world. Evil creatures that kill and hunt humans. So 100,000 years ago, a group of people made an organization called The Order to hunt and kill these creatures and protect humans. There were 12 families that were selected by The Order. One person was chosen from within these families and it was their responsibility to rid the world of all evil. There were 6 males and 6 females. These 12 were granted with special powers to help them with this. To keep this secret from others, The Order branded each of the 12 with special marks. There were 6 marks that were used. The 12 were paired using these marks. Each mark made a couple and these couples were to carry on the legacy by having children and passing on the powers that they got. Whenever there is danger, these powers are activated inside the chosen ones and they must fight to protect everyone.” He took a sip of his tea.

      “What are the 6 marks?” I asked.

      “Star, Diamond, Spiral, Triangle, Circle and Square,” he answered. “When the original 12 were paired they had no idea who their partner was. They found this out during a planetary alignment ceremony which occurs once every 5000 years,” he explained.