Chapter 28 (Last Chapter)

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••••••DAY OF THE SHOW••••••

I unloaded an excited Cowboy out of our trailer. We FINALLY reached the show grounds after an hour drive. It was 8:00 a.m. and my class was at 10:30. I still had a lot to do. First, I tied Cowboy to our trailer. We parked by a tree so he would have some shade while he waited. Luckily, we won't be here all day. In this show, they say the winner of the class once it's finished, and you can leave after your class. I'm only doing one class today, so we should be leaving at around 11:30-12:00 today.

When Cowboy was tied securely to the trailer (with a slip not for safety), Mom watched him as I went to the registration table to pick up my number. "Hi sweetie, what's your name?"the lady at the table asked. "Melody Jones," I said. "Okay, your number is 55,"she said. She handed me a number and a safety pin. "Okay, thank you!" I said. "You're welcome, and good luck in your classes." I walked back to the trailer, and put my number with my show clothes.

I decided to just hang out with Cowboy for a while. I gave him a little snack, and I ate some granola bars. When it was 9:30, I started get Cowboy ready. I brushed him until he shined, cleaned and polished his hooves, and braided his mane. "I'll tack you up after I change," I told him. He bobbed his head and I laughed. "I'm gonna go change Mom!" I called to Mom as I grabbed my stuff. "Okay, I'll watch Cowboy for you." "Thanks."

I walked off to the bathroom to change. My outfit was beige breeches, a light blue short sleeve button down shirt, and a navy coat. When I was changed, I put my hair into two French braids, and walked outside.

As I was walking back to the trailer, I heard three girls talking. I stopped when I heard that voice. "Did you see her? She's actually going to compete on he little pony over the jumps? She has no chance of even placing in her class,"said non other than Cindy, to Alison and Rachel. I gasped, they were talking about Cowboy and me. I immediately filled with anger. They are underestimating Cowboy! Cowboy and I will place in our class, I have no doubt! Just walk away Mel, they aren't even worth it.

I hurried back to Cowboy. I quickly tacked him up, trying to forget what Cindy said. She knows nothing. Cowboy and I are going to do great, I know it. Cowboy is more than ready. We got this.

We walked to the warm up ring, where a few other riders were warming up. There were 7 riders in my class, counting me and Cindy. Her friends are in different classes I think. Whatever, it doesn't matter. As I walked Cowboy along the rail, Cindy and Sunshine walked beside me. "Hey Melody! Long time no see! Can you actually trot your tiny pony over a few poles without him bucking you off?" Cindy said. "Hey Cindy, always a pleasure to see you," I said sarcastically. "And by the way, Cowboy can actually jump real jumps now, not that I need to explain myself to you," I said. "Oh, how wonderful,"she said, her voice oozing with sarcasm. "Whatever, just leave me alone," I said, and trotted Cowboy away. I finished my warm up, and took him over a few warm up jumps. I looked at the course, it didn't look very hard. There were only 8 jumps, 3 verticals, 3 planks, and 2 oxers. I'm pretty nervous, but I know Cowboy will take care of me and we will do awesome!

3 people have already gone, and there's one more person before me, and then I'm up! I heard the announcer say the girl's score, 4 faults, and then call Cindy and Sunshine into the arena. I walked Cowboy out of the warm up ring, and towards the show ring so we could watch Cindy and Sunshine. They cantered to the first vertical, and soared over. They easily popped over the jumps, until they came to the first oxer. It had flower boxes on the sides, filled with tons of colorful flowers, and Sunshine did not like them. Cindy tried to keep her momentum going, but Sunshine refused the jump. Cindy's face was bright red, and she turned her in a circle and Sunshine jumped over it the next time. They easily finished the course, but they had 4 faults tacked onto their score for the refusal. Then, the announcer called us. "Number 55, Melody Jones and Cowboy!"

We trotted into the arena and passed Cindy walking Sunshine out of the ring. She was so mad, she couldn't say anything. I need to forget about them, Cowboy and I have a class to win! I urged Cowboy into a canter, and we cantered two circles. Then, I pointed him at the first vertical. Within a few strides, we flew over the jump. "Nice," I whispered to Cowboy. 1 down, 7 more to go. We continued to fly over the jumps, and then we reached the first oxer, and I could feel Cowboy starting to slow down when he saw the flower boxes. "No, come on boy! You got it!" I said to him, and squeezed him with my legs to let him know that he couldn't refuse the jump. He found his courage, and cantered up to it, and soared over it. "Awesome!" I said. After conquering the scary flower boxes, Cowboy had a ton of confidence! He flew over another plank and another vertical, and then we came to the last jump, the last oxer. If we knocked the rail or refused the jump, we would have 4 faults on our score, and then we would either have a jump off, or we wouldn't place. But, if we cleared this jump, we would be in the lead with 0 faults! I counted down the strides. Five, four, three, two, one, and up! I raised into two point position, and Cowboy cleared the jump with inches to spare.

"Yes! We did it boy!" I cheered as we walked out of the arena. "Number 55, Melody Jones and Cowboy, with a score of 0 faults are in the lead," the announcer said. "Awesome job Cowboy!" I said, and dismounted. He was really tired and sweaty, so I led him around in circles. I kept an eye on the other riders, and everybody kept getting 4 faults. One girl fell off of her horse, and got disqualified. I watched as the last rider and her black horse cleared the all of the jumps without knocking a rail, and I thought we would have to do a jump off for sure. But, on the last jump, they took off too late and clipped the rail, and it tumbled to the ground. "Number 32, Hannah Reilly and Cobalt, 4 faults. And that concludes our junior jumping class," the announcer said. "Nice ride," I told Hannah as she exited the arena. "Thanks, you too," she said. She looked a bit disappointed.

I watched expectantly at the score board, and in third place was Cindy and Sunshine, second was Hannah and Cobalt, and first was Cowboy and me! "We did it boy! WE WON!!" I cheered as I hugged Cowboy. After everything we went through, the first day he came here, the training, the burning barn, the fake adoption, and him coming back to me, we won. I couldn't believe it. "Congratulations," Hannah said, and we shook hands. "Thank you so much, and congratulations to you too," I replied. "Thanks,"she said, and smiled at me. We collected our blue ribbon, and I put it on Cowboy's bridle. "Mom, can you take a picture of us?" I asked. "Sure thing honey, and nice job!" she said happily. "Thanks Mom," I said. She took out her camera, and I got close to Cowboy, and put my arm under his neck. "Say cheese!" Mom said. "Cheese," I said, and smiled. Cowboy pricked his ears forward, and it looked like he was smiling too! After Mom took the picture, I looked at Cowboy, and said,"We did it, we really did it! I'm so proud of you." Cowboy seemed to know I was talking about him, and he did a mini rear, and let out a victorious neigh!


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