Chapter 18

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(sorry for the lack of updates even tho to where I live is currently summer so I should have time for these fanfiction shit and all, but too bad that I am sent to summer school bc, unfortunately, I failed science bc I don't like the teacher and she sucks at teaching. Sorry not sorry, but it had to be said.

and also, I am into Pokemon lately and I'm planning on buying PokePark cause I fell in love with two Pokemon which are Oshawott and Snivy asdFhJKlkHdAwYhbCGTFFXffxt) (er... and I've been busy lately but that didn't stop me from writing 50-400 words every now and then for this fanfic <3)

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>> Chapter 18
>> what

Lachlan dozed off for a little over an hour before he gotten himself to wake up.

"Oomf," Lachlan pushed himself up from his position on the mine cart. "Where am I?"

The heat wave in the nether knocked him awake. "Oh, right..."

Looking at his levels, he had gotten more than what he was expecting: 71 levels to spend on some enchantments and for some anvil upgraded as well.

"Ooooiiii, fish, fish, fish!" the Aussie grinned as he went rushing down the ladder and to the crossroads. Lachlan was far too excited and giddy for this event that Vikk decided to hold. It's not that special and all, but the effort Vikk will be holding onto this is surreal.

As Lachlan started to get back to the Salty Lagoon, he hurriedly went to the Salty Shack and started enchanting and upgrading his armor and weapons and started brewing some potions for the duel. "I'll just ask Vikk if the use of potions are good since it would make the battle more epic." Lachlan smiled as he started brewing extra potions for Vikk.

Lachlan wasted all of his diamonds for armor and swords, combining them with enchanted books and all sorts of other enchantments to make the perfect armor for the upcoming duel. The Aussie still doesn't know when, but he knows that the duel is soon to come.

* * *

It's almost night time when Vikk got home from Brandon's place, and he even got to see the sun going down on the horizon by the plains biome between Preston and Brandon's place.

Vikk crossed the bridge and went around the little land on where his tower stands. "Home at last," he smiled as he glanced to his right to see Lachlan's house lit up.

"And it's all coming to an end as well..." Vikk looked at the sky as the starts above him twinkle with hope. "I hope I have time to tell him before this all end..." he whispered to himself to remind him before all of this is through.

* * *


Vikk was welcomed the next day with a tired attitude and a Lachlan yelling for him to wake up from outside his tower.

"Vikk!" Lachlan yelled.

Plopping down onto his bed again, Vikk just strolled down on his pillow and covered himself with his blanket. Don't get him wrong- he loves Lachlan and all, but for now, he needs some rest.

To Vikk's surprise- he hears someone climbing up the ladders of his tower. "Oh no," Vikk muttered under his breath. Shutting his eyes tight with his pillow covering his head, Lachlan physically pulled Vikk out of head with a grin on his face.

Lachlan tilted his head and rolled his eyes. "Wake up." was all he said.

Vikk looked at Lachlan with his two sleepy eyes and just stared at him for ten solid seconds. "How about no?" Vikk's head came crashing onto his mattress.

"C'mon now, Vikk." Lachlan pouted as he pulled Vikk out again from the bed. "We have a lot to do today! And did you forget our duel?"

Vikk finally gain consciousness and spoke vividly to his friend. "First of all, I didn't forget about the duel since I'm the one who came up with it. Second, the duel is tomorrow, I forgot to tell you." Vikk sighed, "Sorry," he apologizes as Lachlan put a frown on his face.

"Aww... but..."

Vikk noticed Lachlan trying to say something, so he questioned it. "But what?"

Lachlan sighed as he looking into his inventory to see his newly made fresh gear ready to have drain it's durability. But Lachlan guess that it's not the time for the duel for the Aussie had gotten way too excited for the upcoming duel.

"Never mind," Lachlan pouted, walking back to the ladder.

In all honesty, Vikk felt sorry for Lachy Dachy.

"I'll make up for it, Lachlan... I will..." Vikk whispered.

* * *

After Lachlan woke Vikk up earlier, he couldn't get back to sleep and he just laid down on the bed until his mind and body wakes up fully so he doesn't have any difficulty of possible fainting or any other mistakes that can be made.

Vikk already have a powerful enough gear for the duel, and to the fact that everything will be gone in a short amount of time is just the right time for the durability to last until the final showdown.

Vikk tried repairing his other armor pieces but majority of 'em all are already too expensive to repair. Tough luck for him.

To Vikk's unfortunate luck, everyone isn't around lately.
Only a few of the guys are there, mainly Jerome, Choco, Lachlan, Pete, Rob, and Tyler.

And everyone else just mysteriously disappeared.

Well, on the bright side- everyone will be back when they restart the world in a month.

* * *

Vikk gathered his armor, panicking to when he remembers that his sword was missing. (woow at last I made him remember about it) "My sword?! Where?!" was all Vikk can blurt about. No doubt that something like losing your over-powered sword can make you panic like never before, especially when it's before a duel with someone special.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!" Vikk muttered under his breath as he started scavenging through his chests and temporary chests around Vikk Towers. "Where could that sword be?!"

Vikk looked at his ender chest- none.
Double chests that are in his spider grinder- none.
The loads of chests he had on his second floor of his tower- not even there.
Chests at his auto-sugar cane farm- not even close, Vikk.
That one single chest on the side of his house- nope.

Woofless joined the game

Panting due to going around his high tower, Vikk decided to make another sword instead since he will not be using his diamonds anymore for tools and armor. And there's no point in making an enchantment table since he already have one, he also has a jukebox, and a beacon as well. So he ain't going to use anymore diamonds alongside with the diamond sword that he is about to craft.

Well, that's what Vikk thought.
He was cut off from crafting when Rob disrupted him from doing so.

<Woofless> Vik!
<Woofless> VIK
<Vikkstar123> Yes, Rob?
<Woofless> can you drop by my place like for a while?
<Woofless> I'm just gonna give you something reaaaal quick!

Vikk was absolutely at a lost for what Rob was up to. But no doubt that Vikk wouldn't let him down for not turning up.

<Vikkstar123> Be there in a short bit
<Woofless> thanks bro

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