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"So you asked me why. why am I so quiet. But what you didn't know. Is that deep down. Where the monsters live. I shout. And I scream. Not for help. But for freedom.

I want out of this place. This place that I am supposed to call home. I want out of this body. I want out of the madness that is my brain.

But. it's okay. you heard them say. "We're just humans". They say it plainly. They say the sentence. They say the words. And the letters.

But they forget the meaning. And they tend to say that words are just words. but words are used for communication. For everyone to understand. to learn.

And that's where the word 'oblivious' comes in. Oblivious to life. and it's meanings. To words. And the emotions that come within"

And that's what she said. To me. And to the world.


This story is very depressing, if you're not comfortable with suicide, depression, mental illnesses, violence, self -harm. I suggest you don't read it, the first few chapters aren't at all that depressing but it soon will be. Please read at your own risk.

And therefore I DO NOT support depression, suicide, self-harm etc.. Nor should you, this is just a book and the plot isn't all that happy. again I do not encourage any of my characters thoughts or behaviors.

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