Round 2

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"Ouch" you growned holding your head

You could hear pudding cup demanding your attention from the kitchen bringing you to your feet

"Oh fuck" you fought yourself from falling leaning against the wall

"I think mommy had to much to drink pudding- pudding?" You stopped seeing her food bowl dirty from her dinner last night

"Baby did Miss Mary-Kate feed you last night" you cooed feeling your great swell at the simple sweet gesture

As you got more food out for pudding you noticed the napkin.

do I call her? I mean surly she wants meto call her whyse would she leave me her number.

what the hell, what did you have to lose. you put the number into your phone calling it and holding it to your ear as you listened to the gentel hum of the dial tone.

you were about to hand up when you heard her smokey voice.


"hi, mary-kate? its Y/N"

"oh hi y/n" you could hear the smile in her voice

"I just wanted to thank you fo rlast night. im so sorry I dontally let myself drink that much" you rummaged threw you medicine cabnit looking for some tylonal of anything to help you pounding head ache

"its fine y/n im sire you needed a break. it was a pain in the ass trying to find your apartment though" she giggled slightly to herself knowing you probably didn't remember much form last night.

"why don't you let me make it up to you. .et me make you breakfast, I figured since you know where I live now-" you were cut off by her laughter on the other end of the phone.

"you know ill take you up on that offer. hows the hangover?" she questioned

"it'll be better once you get here" you smiled and with that she hung up


"hi pudding, where's your mommy" mary k asked picking up the small cat she she walked into your apartment

"she likes you" you stated simply entering the room and flipping a pancake on the stove

"oh yeah, did she tell you that?" the blond woman joked lightly and you threw a dish towel at her.

she only laughed sitting down on a bar stool keeping the small black cat in her lap

"where did the name pudding cup come from anyway?" she asked scratching in-between the small animals ears filling the room with the soft purr from little pudding

"I had a patient I few weeks ago. the sweetest little girl. she had stage four melanoma. her dying wish was a kitten so naturally I provided. she was eating dinner when I brought pudding in I think the rest is pretty self explanatory." you went quiet for a moment looking down at your socks before looking back up at the older woman and the small cat "she died early the next morning" you stated with a small sigh

"im so sorry. I didn't know that would be such a loaded question. I cant imagine the emotional toll your job has on you."

"yeah, its not fun, but I love it none the less."

She grabbed your arm rubbing it gently as she looked into your eyes. You noticed her focus change when she looked past you her eyes widening

"Fire. Y/n the pancakes are in fire" she pointed behind you

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