“What’s up?” He asked kicking off his sneakers by the door and making his way up the stairs.

  “Where were you today?” Ayman asked with a straight face.

  “Just chilling with some friends.” He said not really giving the subject any attention.

  “With whom?” Ayman asked with the same dry tone.

  “You don’t know them.” Youssef tried to control his eye roll but his attitude made it obvious he was already done with this conversation.

  “Are they the same people you hang out with in the morning?” Ayman’s question made Youssef confused. His eyes were looking at all our faces trying to figure out what was going on but he only found sympathy in Yasmin’s face.

  Youssef didn’t reply just looked at Ayman. Testing the water with him right now would be dangerous so he did the smart thing he could. He keep quiet.

  Ayman gave Youssef a look then changed the subject but not to a merry one, “Sheikh Ibrahim gave me a call today, you know why?”

  Youssef’s face went pale. He knew where this was going and he knew his only chance to lie out of this situation was long gone. All he did was stay quiet as Ayman scolded him.

  “Where did you go every morning for the last week?” Ayman asked in a tone that meant business.

  Youssef swallowed and looked at the floor then back up at Ayman shrugging.

  “Is my question not clear? I asked you where you were all those mornings, and I expect an audible answer.” Ayman said sternly making Youssef blink.

  “I was with my friends.” Youssef said in a barely audible voice.

  “When I told you to attend those meetings, did I tell you they were optional? That you can skip them if you didn’t feel like going?”


  “Then why did you skip them?” Ayman was using his scary voice. He wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t scolding. He was being cold with an edge in his voice that meant no playing around. It gives you chills hearing it and makes you scared being spoken to with it.

  “I’m sorry.” Youssef whispered looking at his feet like it was the most interesting thing ever.

  “Did I ask for an apology?”

  “No, sir.” Youssef kept his gaze down trying not to agitate Ayman any more than he already had, “It was a stupid thing to do. I won’t do it again.”

  “Of course you won’t ‘cause you are grounded.” Ayman said with a normal dry voice now.

  “Again? I just got ungrounded last week.” Youssef nagged.

  “Excuse me? I haven’t even addressed the fact that you lied to Iman for a week and you took advantage of the fact that we were all busy and ditched your tattoo removal appointment.” Ayman scolded him harshly making Youssef bite his tongue on any further comments he might have.

  “Youssef, if you didn’t want to go to those meetings, why didn’t you say so? Why did you think you had to lie?” Yasmin asked interrupting their conversation. My eyes widened knowing how much Ayman hated when anyone interfered with what he said. But surprisingly enough, he didn’t say anything. 

  “Because,” Youssef sighed, “No one would let me skip them.”

  “Why did you even skip them?” Yasmin asked in a sweet way not scolding but just curious and nice getting Youssef to open up to her.

  “They got boring. It’s the same thing over and over again.” He frowned looking at Yasmin not anyone else.

  “That’s not an excuse. It was a punishment.” Ayman then interrupted Yasmin and I immediately gave Yasmin’s hand a squeeze telling her to stop and leave them talk.

  Youssef only bite his tongue again looking at his feet.

  “As I said you are grounded; for skipping the meetings. No going out of your room for a month. No phone, no laptop and defiantly no friends. I’m taking you to remove that tattoo next Tuesday-”

  “But why can’t I-“

  “Don’t interrupt me. It’s rude.” Ayman scolded him harshly raising his voice slightly.


  “We are going to remove that thing on Tuesday. And you are going to go to those meetings until the Sheikh says you can stop, I don’t care how boring they are.” Ayman was being stern but not hard on Youssef, just listing the things he has to do.

  “You are to call me every day when you are with the Sheikh and when you get back home. I want you to be on your best behavior from now on. I want none of the crap you have been doing. No lying, no sneaking around, no nothing. I’m on my last string with you. If I get one complement about you, be it your attitude or anything, that’s it. I’ll send you to Islah Islamic school for the rest of the summer and they can deal with you. Am I being clear?”

  My eyes widened hearing Ayman’s words. He wouldn’t do that to my baby, would he? He can’t send him off to a boarding school. Not just any boarding school, but the toughest, strictest one of them all. People send their corrupted children there when they can’t deal with them but Youssef wasn’t corrupted.

  Yes he had attitude and he lied to me but I know we can fix his mistakes. Boarding school is not the solution.

  “Yes sir” Youssef mumbled with a scared look on his face. Even he knew what Islah Islamic school was.


~Youssef P.O.V~

  Ayman must be losing his mind. I can’t freaking believe he just threatened to send me to that lunatic place. My heart rate pick up pace only hearing it’s name.

  I remember the stories about that place. I remember Zahir being sent there when his parents thought there was no hope in him. I remember him coming back a different person. He wore no skinny jeans, he said no swear words, he didn’t even want to talk to us anymore and if he did talk he would lecture us about how haram our lives were and how we were all going to hell.

  He transferred from one of the sickest people I had knew to this strict religious person. And not the good kind of strict, not Sheikh Ibrahim kind of strict where he was kind, compassion and sweet talking whilst caring on the daily religion habits. No he was this ugly person, inside and out. His mouth only spoke when he looked down at us, his eyes gave us disgusted looks, his presence made us all uncomfortable.

  And I’m not just saying that because I’m the total opposite to a religious person but even my own sister and brother thought he went too far. Our religion means kindest, forgiveness and peace not a constant looking down on people, thinking they all are going to hell. I don’t think he ever smiled after he came back. They sucked the life out of him.

  Rolling on my bed, my head was stormed with hatred towards Ayman. I knew he would freak out when he finds out about my ditching but damn did he totally lose his grip.

  Seeing my phone thrown carelessly on the arm chair, I immediately jumped from my bed to get it before Iman remembers she didn’t take it from me.

  There is one person I could call in this situation who would know exactly what to do.



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